Team Render continues to be unimpressive


Sorry to be negative, but in all honesty, I’m so very disappointed with Team Render - STILL.

R18, most current version on 2 machines. Looking at Team Render Machines, both machines have green icons so they are good to go. I kick off a render, and notice after several frames have rendered that the second machine is still a green icon. It is not rendering. So I attempt to restart the client via the Team Render Machines window (right click, restart client…).

No change. So I have to log into the client remotely and restart the client software manually. OK cool. restart the render and all is well. But I notice a problem with the render and need to stop and make a tweak then start it rendering again.

The problem: when I go into picture viewer and do the command “stop render” it DOES stop rendering on the host machine’s client, and the picture viewer stops updating. HOWEVER…the remote client (my second machine) remains with an orange icon and does not stop rendering. I thought maybe it was just finishing up the frame it was on (which would still be wrong, as stop means stop) but no, it is churning through the frames it was assigned.

Please, for the love of all things, Team Render has GOT to go. NET was so much better in every way.


Couldn’t agree more!!!
I became Senior Render Farm Babysitter since this thing replaced NET Render. It’s so unbelievably weak it makes me want to learn Maya.
Almost every night for the past two weeks I’ve been queuing 10-12 one hour renders before going home. By next morning only three or four had finished. The rest remain stuck for hours on end doing nothing.

Now this. Each individual node reports several rendered frames as if everything is working fine but there’s no actual results!! Ghost Rendering™, the new TRS technology introduced in 17.053.


After several years now it’s quite disappointing


Nanome, what file format are you rendering to in your render settings?


Quicktime. It does .b3d first and then it compiles it at the end.


OK. That’s why I was asking. I wonder if it is storing the intermediate .b3d files in an odd place


Just to check the blindingly obvious, does your server machine have quicktime correctly installed?