Team Fortress 2 : The Pyro


Hi, this my first character in a long time, almost a year. I’m not a hardcore player, but Team Fortress 2 caught my attention with its cartoony design while ther other productions try to get closer to realism.

Not only this game looks gorgeous, it’s actually a lot of fun to play, and I got a little addicted. So much that it inspired me to make a character. The pyro. Definitly the funniest of all because of all the funny noises and taunts he makes. His weapon is owesome too, some kind of DIY flamethrower. Also it’s easier to make, because there is no face.

Took me about 10 days so far, working a couple of hours every once in while. It’s modeled in max 9 with Polyboost.

For references, I simply opened the game model in the Source SDK viewer, made a few screengrabs to put in max viewport, and kept the model opened all the time for direct comparison (dual screen FTW!). I know, kind of a cheat, And I could have taken it even further by importing the model directly into max, but I couldn’t figure how and it would have been cheating for real then (there are some plugins for older versions of max).

I still have to add some details, finish the boots, and of course make the flame thrower
I kept the proportion close to the game model, but I want to make more realistic textures


looking good, are you going to have him torching something? it would be a shame not to


Wow! this is awesome, I definitely love it. Great work man!


Very nice, very good likeness of course! :slight_smile: I’m a TF2 addict myself, been playing medic alot since I got my ubersaw :smiley:


Yeah, medics everywhere since the upgrade. Remember before it was always “we need at least two medics, anymone?”, and now it’s “we don’t need 8 medics”
It’s the only game I have installed on my system, and I’m fine with it. I like the fact you can play for 15 minutes or 4 hours

I haven’t had time to work on it this week, but I’ll try to finish the modelling part this week end

Thanks for the feedback, I thought this thread was dead already


heyhey ! ! enjoy the nex step ! ! sure he 'll be alive in render , like all your skill
all the best



Awesome! I love the pyro! the new weapons are ace ; )

Cant wait to see what you do with this! Get him into Zbrush! take it to the next level : )


Yeah, please continue with the pyro! Now it’s a better time than any! :smiley:
Although, I have to say it’s a lot harder to play spy now with enemy teams comprising mostly of trigger-happy pyros XD


although im usually a demo man. i love pyro to.
its a bloody good model
this movie could be useful, its all about the rendering and shaders they used in team fortress 2. might be a nice reference.


I like your model. You are really going into detail. Keep up the good work.


I like it! Keep going with this!


Hey thanks for the bumping!

Ok, so the pyro is paused right now, I’va been working on ironman this month:


[/b]as you can see, I’m almost done, just need arms. The reason it looks pixelated is because I used Brazil Rio for render, which is free but has a limited output of 1024*511 pixels. So I just flipped the camera on its side, rendered and then rotated the picture 90 degres in photoshop. But apprarently, anti-aliasing is only applied horisontalyand it doesn’t look that good when you rotate it.

Any way, I think I’ll finish it in a couple of weeks (yeah I’m very slow, I only work a couple of hours somtimes). And then I can go back to the pyro. I’ll probalby make the new flamethrower, which exhaust is shaped like snake head


awesome work man!


i love the pyro …
but the iron man is even better … hope that you put his head inside the helmet :slight_smile:


Iron man looks really nice, I love the boots.

Same with the pyro. I’d love to see him with the Axtinguisher. Theres only one part of the pyro that bugs me, the folds in the pants seem a bit off, they look like they aren’t totally being affected by gravity, sort of floaty like.


any update on teh pyro ?


Wow bump! No, not really, I made the flame thrower and unwrapped The UVs, I still need to do the texture. But I have been very busy with my job (which has nothing to do with 3d). I made a new ironman, not the one in my portfolio, another one, for a collectible producer. It should be produced to 2000 units and hit the shelves around christmas. I’ll show pictures as soon as I’m allowed. And now I’m working on a similar project base on the Halo license. The thing is I really don’t have time for it, but you know, when this kind of opportunity shows up, you can’t really say no. Anyway, I might have to pass the project to someone else because there is a lot of work and I already have a fulltime job. But yeah I have left the pyro on the side for a while, totally forgot about it

Edit : here is a picture of the flame thrower


It should be produced to 2000 units and hit the shelves around christmas. I’ll show pictures as soon as I’m allowed. And now I’m working on a similar project base on the Halo license.

weeeeeee… !!! way to go monsieur big shot !! :applause:
always nice to see a frenchy being successful .
looking forward to an update in your portfolio soon :bounce:

But yeah I have left the pyro on the side for a while, totally forgot about it

such a shame …
it did inspire me so much . that i toy with the idea to build one myself …to do some cel shader rendering

i really enjoy looking at your stuff and look forward to your future update


I just got done playing the free demo for team fortress 2 and i got to say they should use your pyro for the game thats exellent man well done.I like the cartoon style iron man as well .Great job


Hey! I love your work on the tf2’s pyro! that’s my favorite character!

by the way, your ironman is awesome, i’ve seen it on sfm, and i loved its design! very great job, congrats!