Team Fortress 2 Female Model Concepts


I started doing some concepts for fun based upon Valve’s Team Fortress 2 game characters. There seems to be some debate on the Valve forums about the validity or plausibility of female models for the game. So, I just started messing with the idea to show that it was possible.

Just fun … but I haven’t drawn or posted anything here in such a long time I figured this would be a good task to pursue. I’ll try to get all 9 classes drawn and colored here. Or maybe not.

The one key aspect of these designs is that they adhere to the male counterpart’s basic body silhouette so that they are identifiable as the classes that they represent. Also, the arguement (on the Valve forum) is that hitboxes would be smaller giving an unfair advantage to the players who select the female models. I say, “nay!” and hopefully these designs are convincing of that position.

Anyhoo … here’s what I propose the TF2 Nurse would look like. Enjoy! :smiley:


That looks really awesome, it definitely keeps in style with TF2, but she looks cool on her own as well!
Maybe you could have her coat cinched at the waist, and then let it fall normally, kinda like the male medic? I think that might look a little bit cooler, and tie them together some.

I was playing around with the idea of getting a female scout class ingame in the near future, so if you don’t already have some people lined up, I’d love to give your concept a modeling pass, I think it’d be right up my style alley :smiley:


Temporal - Well, you (and anyone else for that matter) are more than welcome to model from my designs if you’d like. I love seeing my drawings develop in 3D.

I feel a little embarrassed as I didn’t leave space on the page for her legs in this drawing. But I can always do another full figure to help illustrate her dress, jacket and shoes. Yes, it is a dress and not a lab coat like the male Medic has in the game. I’m trying to avoid copying what is already on the character classes in the game so that the female models have their own unique look (while fitting the existing silhouettes, as mentioned).

I thought about changing the look of the primary, secondary and melee weapons as well, but I’m not sure if adding more is neccessarily better in this case. I also have a rough of the Scout and Heavy but I’m going to clean those up some more before I post them here.


Awesome, I look forward to the finished version of this, and what you’ve got on the Scout and Heavy. I’m sure it’ll impress!


ah nice i like it! Keep it up these models would be great to implement to the game. Not much of a character modeler or I would help out my self…


awesome Kirt, totally in line with the art direction of the game.
Faithfully awaiting the other concepts as well (the Heavy should prove to be fun in female form LOL)


Here’s my concept for the Heavy Gal. Oh sh* … I shouldn’t put those two words together. We’ll call her HWGal. :smiley:

I was trying for a Queen Latifa look, but it ended up just looking like the Heavy with a female head. Originally she had sweat pants and tennis shoes (more of a hip-hop look) but it just didn’t fit the style of the game. Too modern.

Sadly, the era to which this game is designed wasn’t a great time for women in strong roles. So it becomes a greater challenge designing costumes that aren’t pandering to the subservient housewife stereotype. I want to avoid that and also not duplicate what the male characters already look like. On this character, I think I failed. Therefore, I may have to revisit this one later and change it up some more.

I think the female Heavy is going to look the weirdest of all the classes. She reminds me of Shrek.


ok well its nice that the HWGAL fits the theme and all that but in my mind i was not planning on being like “oh $^&4 my eyes!” when i see the HWGAL :eek: haha. But seriously i had envisioned a amazonian like woman with ruff cut hair, combat boots and the sorta Rambo style of the male heavy. Personally I dont think any of the female characters should be unattractive but that is just my 2 cents take it or leave. Just a quick run down of how i would have the different classes look to bounce these ideas around and see what sticks.
Medic: I like it/or even the with a nun style hood thing on the head
Heavy: I just said/ or even valkyrie style
Sniper: gotta stick with the assuie style with brown pants and jacket to boot
Soldier: follow some of the army recruitment posters of this time period
Scout: uhhh gum chewing, frypan slinging, freckle faced red head with braids lol
Demo: must have a eye patch, nuff said
Pyro: hmmm i will have to think about this and edit my post
Engineer: blond in a suit with glasses, and of course a tight skirt… pinstipe
Spy: full on 1920s evening gown big fluffy and makes you wonder if she can even walk in it


These are great, love the bulkiness and form to your characters:thumbsup:


Love the characters. You concepts seem to fall right in line with the overall look of the game. Looking forward to more concepts. Good luck.



Rockin’, Kirt. If you’re still having a bit of trouble with the Heavy Weapons Gal, why not try going for more of a viking opera woman sort of look? You know, a big woman with braided hair and just overall sort of voluptuous? Give 'er thighs, a bust, give that woman some hips, dude! Make her a real strong woman! We like strong women! Make it look like she could bake you cookies or tear you limb from limb! Yargh!

Just please, don’t make her into the HWGuy with a woman’s head. That’s creepy. :wink:


Did some thumbnails of HWGal.

It’s a bit of a departure from the silhouette of the male counterpart, but I think it’s still do-able. The idea here is that the Heavy is a large bulky character. I don’t think shifting the bulk from hands and feet into legs and hips would play too much of a factor in game mechanics (such as hitbox or class recognition).

I may be wrong, but if the alternative is Heavy Weapons Guy with a female head attached (see above) then I think this class is worth risking the changes for aesthetic reasoning alone. Bottom right is the direction I’m going for with this character. I’ll have a new drawing up soon.


clearly the engineer should look like the chick from those old WW2 posters:


clearly the female engy would look like this:


lihab - Clearly.

I seem to be drawing very poor images that aren’t on par with the first Nurse image that I had drawn. I’ve been doodling Spy, Heavy and Scout images in my sketchbook the past few days and can’t seem to get the forms as easily as I did that first one. Damn frustrating.

However, I did come up with one idea that I liked for the Spy. I think the female Spy should be ninja-like. Definately Japanese … maybe a badass school girl (Go Go from Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” comes to mind) with her face painted (like Pris from “Bladerunner”).

Of all the horrible scribbles that I did, this one is redeemable.

Disregard the fact that it’s out of style particular to the Team Fortress 2 game. Oh well … back to the drawing board. :banghead:


I like the girl with the band of black over her eyes.
It reminds me of Daryl Hannahs character makeup in Blade Runner.


A mock-up of my Nurse concept in-game. Done with Photoshop in about 3 hours.
This is mostly a screenshot that I found on the net which I then painted over to remove the Medic and replace with my Nurse. I think I may do another of these to get a frontal view.

Oops, I just realized I wasn’t done with the med-pack on her back. :blush: Oh well, you get the idea.


nice took me a sec to notice that it was photoshoped. looks good!


Excellent work Kirt! I doodled some concepts for the exact same idea but they’re a lot uglier.

I dig the HWGal and LOVE the nurse but the spy needs to either look like this:

or Elizabeth Hurley in a catsuit. Sorry, I don’t make the rules :slight_smile: for the engineer I was going to loosely base it off of JC from the “Danger Girl” comics.

If someone models, textures and rigs the nurse, I’m volunteering right now to do the animation. This could be a really cool mod.


Nice designs man! The style is very much like TF2’s current design. I would totally play those characters.

I think the HWGal design (first one) works very well, however the head should change. Right now it is too butch because of the hair design, I think changing that would add a lot. Give your a pony tail or a wild main so to speak. More prominent lips and a more sultry stare (nurse) It’s great too because the big upper chest would fit perfectly, a-wink :wink:

As per spy, I had imagined her almost like the current one but more innocent looking, with a pony tail and almost happy go lucky (but not so extreme)