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See you(r gibs) in the game!


Is this coming out on the consoles aswell?


Coming out on the 360 for sure, I think that I heard something about a later ps3 release as well.


Had a round last night, pretty cool game. The different classes are a lot of fun to play, seems quite balanced too. Engineers building senrtry’s everywhere is awsume.

As for the visuals its a pretty sweet looking game, character anims are top notch.


i want to wait for the 360 version, but if i get the PC version, i can play the beta… hmm. actually, i need to see if i can get Half Life 2 running at a decent frame rate on my Vista box…

i want to play this game!


Will Microsoft release some kind mouse and keyboard for playing these games on a 360??, that would be just great.
I like the 360 controller but a mouse is just more accurate.




I started play the beta this morning. All the classes are pretty well balanced with maybe the exception of the pyro. Pyro feels a bit weak even though his weapon is pretty strong and will leave you confused. I’m supprised just how many people are using the medic properly. So many people heavies and medics paring up to dish out the hurt. As compared to tfc the game is more streamlined there is less clutter. Some will probably miss the hand grenades of the old but it really is for the better. The scout is a really strong clsas to play. His weapon is very strong at close range. The scout also has a double jump that makes 2fort sniper roof very accessible. The scoring system is unique. They included an assist system so that you get partial credit for a kill if you did a high amount of dammage on an enemy but did not deliver the final blow. You get points for frags, assists, destroying sentry guns, capturing or defending control points or intelligence. There is a lot of humorous animation, the intelligence case which is a substitute for the flag on 2fort becomes strapped onto a players back and as the player runs about carrying the case he leaves a paper trail. The taunts are also somewhat funny. When you die there is a little text box that points out something on the screen. If your exploded corpse is on the screen it draws an arrow with the text “this is your head”. There are domination and revenge awards. The sudden death mode is common and changes the pace of the game. I just wish there were greater consequences, or a way of punishing campers. If time runs out the game ends in a stalemate and it says everybody loses. It’s a matter of perspective… The in game commentary is also pretty cool yet it seems to cut off a bit early for me. Gabe newell makes the comment that the game has been in development for 9 years. But anyways there is a lot to like about it. I’d type up some more stuff about it. But I’m gonna go play it instead…


Valve needs to release wallpapers of those characters asap!


Oh man is it a brilliant game… :eek:
If anyone wants to play, just post your steam ID.

mine: RockinAkin


I play it, and I love it.

And I can only concur that the classes seems very well balanced.

ID: Kokusho


Im playing it… and LOVING it!!
its sweet!.. i got hooked within a sec!
The character have such great personality´s… and the graphics are AwSOme!..
and the game is nicely balanced…
all in all its a fantastic game! i LOVE it!

My SteamID: Bardur M


EDIT: we should make a CGtalk group on steam! … :thumbsup:


Stupid question maybe, but how do you find out what your steamID is? I log in with an email address and I don’t see any way to access the ID.

Love the game so far! So much style.


you go into the community section in steam and setup your own SteamID
… pretty straight forward :wink:


Best looking game on the market IMO. Can’t help but appreciate and admire the visuals while playing it. Slick stuff.


Have been trying to play since Tuesday. Work computer has not internet connection (damn firewalls!) and home computer is inadequate piece of garbage. :sad:

Steam ID: Kirt

Walked through some of the levels though and reviewed the developer’s commentaries. Sweet looking game! Can’t wait to play it. Congrats to the Valve team :thumbsup:


Already did that but I can’t tell how to get it back. It’s not accepting what I thought I’d put in.

Straightforward would have a “forgot you username” and “forgot your password” button like every other membership website has. Or better yet, tie it to the Steam account automatically so you don’t have to login twice.


“When we’re not pushing polygons at work,
we’re blowing yours apart in the game.”

Made a CGTalk group to make it easier for us to find one another in-game. :thumbsup:


Nice. I joined the group, but still not sure how the whole group thing works.
It’s going to take some getting used to, 2 fort was laid out similarly, but the dynamic of all the classes is quite different from TFC. Still, got to love the presentation, even the intro movies.


Guess this should work:

" Steam ID Find is a simple tool that will find and display your steamID."

Haven´t tested it


Actually, I think your SteamID would be listed in your directory structure …

\Steam\SteamApps\SteamID eam fortress 2