TEAM ENTRY: "VitrylO" Energy Sail


Team members: Nazarych, hardy-guardy
In ancient legends of Trypillya culture there have been mentioned some places of power line intersections of four elements, on which “VitrylO” have been built. These “sails” transform the received energy of water, wind, soil and fire to life energy of all existing.


wow…awesome…imho best entry so far, beautiful elegant design and render…especially the sunlight shining through the glass. cheers!


Very nice attention to detail, and nice render! Best Team entry so far, and up there with the best of all the entries, in my opinion.


Thanks for your comments guys! :slight_smile:

Here is some closeups:

And here is some pieces of concept art:

We use original signs of Trypillya culture, such as Tower Of Gods and Circle Of The Year. Below you can see some blueprints of main building (view from above) and some pieces of road structure.

Sofware used: Maya, AutoCAD, Photoshop.

We hope you like this entry!
Cheers! )


Really a great work, the architecture is awesome, and the ambiance great, god job


Thats really cool design, kind of reminds me of the Asimov book covers.
I like your concept ideas.

How does it make its energy from wind and water ? I can image the blue bit in the middle is some sort of solar panel.



Is amazing! congratulation for the best image.



Hi Hi

konkurenti, posmotrim, ne rabota syper




Spasib ) a vy tozhe team postite? )



Really good man but my third project is very close with yours…

Anyway very nice work and good luck…


fn nice…

wish i had the time and ppl for someting like this…

as is at this stage you guys win over all for me…
as for the team entries…lol…again the same so far.

as a side thought…

i alaways think is is so ironic how much is put into the planning and design of things…
you guys planned and constructed this with strong intentions…it seems your design was set drawn out and then done…

i find a problem comining up that i have with my own entry…its a little sterire…
all the buildings and all look perfect…but i dunnno if i would ever want to be there…

;pls remember that i said that is a major fault of mine…i struggle to break away from that feeling…

it seems its so hard to imagine the practical…

but as i say all this crap…you gut are at the top…

again friggen nice image…fckn nice


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wow. i love the fact that this is based on trypillyian imagery…for me it adds an extra level of believability…really gorgeous organic complex…this will be the third time i said top 3 now (i think) which leaves me right out of it…:frowning: BLAST!!


hey congratulations on a beautiful thoughtful entry!



Thanks a lot for ypur comments guys!
We very glad to read it.
Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:


A team triumph that inspires hope and promise for the future!
I wish that there were more prizes to hand out!
… and this would be among the top!


Check my new one

and live some comments if you like

Great work again man.

Alien Architecture Normal .


Well, in light of any news on who won for the team entries, I’d have to say you folks deserve it IMHO. There were a couple other team entries that were really impressive also, but I’m really taken with this one. To me, this embodies exactly what this contest was about. And your choice of colors and tone is splendid. Great job. :thumbsup:


Thanks very mach Jeff!
) We are very glad to see your comment!


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