TEAM ENTRY: Future Ruins




sophisticated ruins!
nice work!
i especially like the landscape!


The ruins have a nice look.

But I’m extremely bothered about the surroundings. They also have many nice elements, but unfortunatley, they have an uncanny resemblance to Eran Dinur’s famous Vue piece seen here. Is one of you actually Eran Dinur? Otherwise, either you should be unhappy with him or he should be unhappy with you since somebody has modified and used somebody else’s work as their own…


Well, when nature takes over again it will take it over with an exact copy of another artists work being used as your incredibly beautiful landscape. AFter looking at Jeff’s post, and looking at the original image of the original artist, there is exact pixel to pixel match other than the fog you added and altered. Maybe you didnt understand the rules so it is possible it was more of a mistake than anything else but in this community such mistakes are bound to be discovered rather quickly.
Sorry to chime in but you should really have said you were using another artists backdrop for your CONTEST entry. This, if intentional is offensive to me as someone who submitted an original team piece. I am wondering now if the building is just someone else’s work that someone here has yet to see elsewhere.


you guys are completly right, the background scene is included in the Vue6 program and it’s used in the image, after further inspection, and with your help, I realized that it’s NOT a sample scene that comes with the program but rather Eran Dinur’s work.

This image, therefore, should not be included in the contest and I apologize for this honest mistake, especially to Eran Dinur, but also to this artist’s comunity which I respect greatly.

My apologies again to all.


This is an interesting turn of events. Now the post author pulled their own image. Well as much as they can call it their own…

If you hadn’t captured that snapshot in your reply, Marc, nobody would even see those names anymore or know what had transpired here.

Well at least it looks like they know now that what they’ve done was not appropriate - if they somehow didn’t know all along.


For some reason that 2nd post by Sedinc in this thread was not showing when I made the post just above this one, and even when I refreshed the browser later I still did not see it. So if my comments in the above post seem a bit harsh, please keep in mind that I had not seen Sedinc’s 2nd post when I wrote them.

It seems that Sedinc’s team is now aware of what they used and so that should be that. Nothing more to see here…


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