Team America Trailer






I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long.
Simply genious. :applause:


haha priceless


Awwwwyeah! :buttrock:

Those puppets look much better than I was expecting, when I read they can only blink and open and close their mouths, no real facial expressions… that’s gonna be so weird!


Bastards! We supposed to do the wire removal for this film, and after 3 full test shots they turn down the bid. I though someone else bid lower, so now they ended up not doing that at all … bahh


dennis, i’ve always respected you and your work and i’m sorry you didn’t get the bid, but at the same time i think it’ll be better with wires, don’t you?


He was joking. He just forgot to put the smiley face in his post :slight_smile:


funny, sarcastic. can’t wait to see this movie…

please no more bush


Absolute beauty! I can’t wait to see this!


I can’t wait to see this. Hopefully it will be better than southpark is now.

m81: vote bush :thumbsup:


are you kidding? :eek:
i would recommend you to go watch fahrenheit 9/11 for everyone who didn’t know what mr. b. is/ was about before.

but anyway, don’t want start another political debate, as it’s not allowed here.

team america is great, because it’s a funny sarcastic way to critisize the actual us-goverment.


Frankly it did look better without wires, there are some shots where wires are out of focus, and it looks disturbing, Id imagine how will it look in the movie theater with thik wires running from left to right and back.


i guess so, i can’t really say wthout ahving actually seen it without wires. it would be strange though, since they’re puppets, to not have wires.

did the Thunderbirds TV show have wires?


Dont know about thunderbirds, but Team America, has some shots (not in the trealer) that has wires out of focus close to the camera which will look disturbing on the bog screen. It even sux on a 30" HD monitor. But they wanted to have all of them removed for contenuty purposes, then they thought it would be to expensive and I guess dumped the idea. The show will be greate though, it is really funny!!!


I missed the presentation on this movie at Comicon, but everyone said that Team America and The Incredibles were bar none, the best presentations at the whole show at San Diego. My buddy said that he was laughing so hard at the stuff they showed he almost pissed himself.


Oh. My. God. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen. Ever. :scream: :smiley: :applause:


“Hey terrorist! Terrorize this” BANG

if that wasnt a puppet that said it then that would have been the stupidest thing in the world, however since it was a puppet it was pretty damn funny!! lol



:bounce: :thumbsup:



Hmmm… could be really cool. But these guys have a knack for diving headfirst into politics then jumping straight out again with zero intellect…


bin laden as a marionette :stuck_out_tongue:
I realy wanna voodoo on him and maybe other characters too