tcastudios [R15 plugin updates]


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Thanks Lennart, these are truly excellent tools.


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Thanks Lennart! Your plugIns are very useful.



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Thanks for taking the time to update these! Love your plugins!


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Hello everyone,

I am experiencing problems with the xreTIME tag and wonder if anyone might have an idea to solve this issue:

I have a cloner that runs in object mode on thinking particles, thus emitting objects, these have dynamics enabled and so I run a dynamics simulation. I set up a mograph cache tag on this and the idea is to have some slow down effect in the middle of the sim (not a complete stop, but a slow down, then after a while back to regular speed again).

I set offset and retime to 0 (in the xreTIME tag) and keyframe animate the trim value. This works quite nice already but in my 560 frames animation, starting at frame 400 (where the animation is already running at normal speed again) I get random jumping around of my clones every odd frame for about 30 frames. Afterwards it is running correctly again. The funny thing is that in these wrong frames clones are intersecting each other, so I am not seeing a jump in time of the cached animation, but something is getting mixed up altogether.

In the end the animation is running correctly again.

Thanks for listening,


You should animate the “Offset” value.
(Having the the “Retime” at 0 as you do)
The “Trim” is an option for i.e. stuttering effect.



Is it possible to have texmate for r15 too?





A R15.057 compile of texMATE is up now at xfiles.



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