Tastes Great...Temporal Shifting ! [Modo: Time Travel Challenge Entry]


Hey everyone. I guess forum threads aren’t made automatically with the Challenge system anymore? Anyway, I just uploaded the concept art for my Print Ad entry. Would welcome feedback.

  Just downloaded Modo, and have to start making sense of it now.  I hope everyone has a great time with their entries!

       Concept text:
     If  you could save time in a bottle, would you save every day as eternity  passes away, or would you use it to live life to its fullest with the  fine family of Schwiller beers?
    Everyone has occasionally  had a case of the oopsies while enjoying Schwiller.  In the very near  future that will become a thing of the past.  The technical wizards of  The Foundry, in a joint venture with Hamgeyser-Boosh, makers of  Schwiller beer, are proud to announce Schwiller TIME--the first temporal  shifting brew.  Simply turn the adjustable nozzle of the Chrono-Cooler  (tm) bottle to the desired number of hours. Patented nano-activators  will calibrate the temporal medium to your needs. Drink your Schwiller  TIME, and your consciousness will be transferred back in time so you can  take a mulligan on that crippling social blunder.  To skip forward in  time to a nightmarish near future scenario, liberally consume any of our  traditional beers.
    Like our other beers, Schwiller TIME  will let drinkers experience its time-warping effects without burdensome  extra calories or distracting flavor.  Drinkers who insist on trace  amounts of flavor in their time travel may enjoy our two new temporal  brews from the Hamgeyser-Boosh Craft division: Morlock Mocha Stout, and  Eloi-lixr IPA.
     Schwiller TIME 6-packs will be available in  two months for a suggested retail price of $ 999, 999.  Indentured  servitude plans also available for the budget conscious (Indentured  servitude now legal again thanks to creative use of Schwiller TIME).
     Void  where prohibited by law.  Prohibited by law in all 50 U.S. States and  Territories, except Florida, and by international treaty.  Contains less  than 85% concentrated Melange spice essence. Fear is the mind killer,  except in Florida, where some clinical studies suggest a link between  Schwiller TIME and actual brain death.