Taste Like Chicken, Noel Taylor (2D)


Title: Taste Like Chicken
Name: Noel Taylor
Country: United States
Software: Painter

This is a creature i just like, it looks strange to me so i kept the concept. I lost the original pencil drawing at Kinkos in Hollywood :frowning: .


Ah those people are just too lazy to replay :wink: Creature is nice, if you can remove those lines from the sketch or just make them tinner it would be better IMHO. A bit more detail on the head and reflections and you are ready to go :slight_smile: I like it, you have good immagination, keep it up!


Hey Bars thanks for the comments it really means a lot and i will make those adjustements , i checked your portfolio and i liked the Dragon and the LOTR pieces, good work :slight_smile:


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