Tasp's W.I.P. Thread


Hello people, slightly long winded introduction to follow-

I recently started using painter and photoshop in an attempt to get back into doing art on a regular basis. I’m looking for any constructive criticism, tips, links etc. for newbs. I’ve got little to no training in 2d art (nothing beyond Highschool level intro to art), as such most of these will likely be drawn from existing things/items/stills however none of it will be tracing. I’m starting out with something simple- this is a sketch from a panel in “Transmetropolitan”. I picked it because I liked the composition and the color scheme is relatively simple. This is what I have so far…


More details, teeth, touch-ups and color changes and I think I’m just about done.


I love the transition from the laying down of the general form to the development of details. The expression is fantastic and the details you added make this come alive!


Thanks for the encouragement Jessie!

This is the next thing I’m working on. From a still frame of Robert DeNiro (though the finished guy will look nothing like DeNiro). 60 minutes so far

These shadows and highlights seem like they may be trouble I’m not exactly sure how to go about blending them properly so they look realistic.

[Edit, another hour later and I haven’t progressed much just changed up the colors a little and refined some of the blocking, posted an edit instead of another pic with the same setup and diff colors.]


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