Tarik the Axe Battler, John Hayes (3D)


Title: Tarik the Axe Battler
Name: John Hayes
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Modo, Mudbox, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

Tarik the Axe Battler created for the Sega video game, Golden Axe Beast Rider released on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox360.

The character was modeled in Maya, high-rez sculpt created in Zbrush, normal maps created in Mudbox, ambient occlusion in XSI, textures edited in Photoshop and Modo used for UV unwrapping, texture clean-up, and rendering. The character is roughly 15000 polygons with three 2048x2048 image map sets. The final image has some paint over clean-up done by the concept artist, Marc Holmes, mostly the hair and face.

Using Modo’s subsurface skin shaders, a few colored lights and some saturated image maps I was able to get some color variation in the skin, as I had hoped to get a look similar to a Frank Frazetta painting, however I am not sure what other techniques I can use to get closer.

The image was created for Sega marketing purposes however the model is the same geometry as seen in-game. This image has been published in the Golden Axe: Beast Rider Strategy Guide as well as Game Developer Magazine.


Here is the Axe Zbrush sculpt.


Here is the mesh wires. The fur is made via Maya nurbs surfaces converted to polys with a repeating 1 bit alpha texture.

I have posted another character that I created for the Golden Axe game here:

The Golden Axe Twins




Simply amazing! 5 star warrior!


great work, the shading/rendering of the skin is really cool :slight_smile:




really nice!!!


Amazing work, model and textures top class.


One word. Excellent!:bowdown: It seems like we can’t rate threads anymore, but if I could, I would give it 5 stars.


Great work man!
I’ve seen your interview at the Luxology site:applause:! I have a question for you: Why did you choose to model it with Maya, and just render it with Modo? Are you just used to model in Maya rather than Modo, or is there some advantage with Maya modeling tools? I just use Modo for modeling and I think it’s top at it, but seeing your work gives me some doubts… I am pretty curious…


Excellent work!!!:applause:


wow! awesome model and render!


Very well done! :slight_smile:


Amazing! I love the pose, textures and illumination.
Can i ask you how you generate the final image? Is pre-rendering? generated in sofware or some engine?

wonderful :slight_smile:



very nice modeling but if u wont added same backgruond ok :buttrock:

good luck 4 ever :applause:


Very Nice John!


Perty Cool !


Very cool, character, I’ll have to check out the game :smiley:


Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback, I still hope to improve my skills.

      B-Max, At the time I created Axe, I had only been using Modo for UV unwrapping, texture clean-up and detailing as I was still learning the software. However I have found Modo's modeling tools to be far better than Maya so have have recently been using Modo for most of my 3d current 3D work. I still use Maya for real-time shader set-up, rigging and animation.
     PaLantir The image is a software render done in Modo.  Here is a shot of the character in-game :


     John H


Best. Cod-piece. Ever.