TARDIS image


Good morning to all

i don’t know if this is the right forum where to ask, but i’m looking for a real size from image of TARDIS from Doctor who, in order to be printed in a later moment.

I’ve already asket to official channels, even there is no copyright (it’s a police box) but i would like to pay in order to have a good image.

Anyone can help me?

thanks in advance


Any help?
is this the right place in the forum for this kind of questions?


no, not really


ok where should i ask this question?





Um, the internet?


Isn’t this a part of the internet?


You could try a Dr. Who fan site. I’m sure there are people who know.

Failing that, you could compare it in images to things you do know the height of. Bricks, for example, have a standardized height, so if you can find an image of the Tardis next to a brick wall you can get a pretty good estimate.


actually, as the metropolitan police discovered to their great surprise, the bbc own the copyright to the police box design now.

the beeb are also very vigorous in protecting their property which explains why there is very little information available when it comes to the actual dimensions of the props themselves.

the best place to ask these kind of questions would be the tardisbuilders.com website.

cheers, simon w.


Technically, yes. But I was referring to parts of the internet like, oh, I dunno, Google, where the 6 billion responses to the query “height of dr. who tardis” might lead to a better answer for whatever the OP was asking. Why would OP think that people on a CG site would know such a thing?


If your in London, there is a real one outside Earls Court Underground station. I was standing beside it…


There’s a better Tardis-style police box at the Chatham Historic Dockyard which is south of London. The one at Earl’s Court isn’t quite the same design as the one in the TV show. It’s quite a surprise to discover that the real thing is made out of concrete (and rather crudely too - not at all like the lovely version in the current incarnation of the show).


Here you go - the Kent Police Museum in the Chatham Dockyard.



i was misunderstanding :wink:
i was not searching for the real dimensions of a TARDIS, but for an high resolution picture that could be printed…so high resolution that if i will print in a 4 meters tall i would not loose quality.

This is why i asked in this forum: is there anyone here that can create an imagine like this http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/002/9/5/tardis_front_by_dontnoanything-d5q5r59.jpg
in so high resolution that it could be printed in 4 meters or something like this?


You could always try making an image yourself. It’s just a bunch of boxes after all. I hear that CG is quite good for that sort of thing.