Taper deformer


Is there a way of adjusting each axis of the taper deformer individually - i.e. tapering 5% in one dimension and 10% in the other?


scratch that - FFD deformer with minimum grid points does the job


another amazing-multi-purpose deformer is the Mesh Deformer.


mitchino - Can I suggest you file a suggestion for a ‘Taper deformer with independent tapering axis’ on Maxon’s web site. That would then be a suggestion filed by at least two of us : )
Yes I realise the FFD or mesh deformer is a work around, but the taper deformer has some useful functionality the others don’t.


sure I’ll do that - done!


You mean something like this ?


no not that, here’s the taper deformer applied to a cube, the little orange handle controls the taper. I’d like a click box option to enable 2 x little orange handles to control the taper in 2 axes


The only workaround I can think of is that one I proposed and one by using Fields in R20. (If you don’t want to use other deformers)

There is a technical/logical limitation to what you ask for. You see, the Taper manipulates 5 out of 6 directions. Having one more whould manipulate atleast 4 twice and have the same effect as having two Tapers.

I made that with the help of a Squash but it gets more deformed… playing with its shape and order of deformation might get you where you to go with keeping the Taper functionalities which are similar to the Squases’.


As I said in a previous post the FFD deformer fixed my problem very simply.