Tantrum Accelerator Concept V.1, Dennis Hoppe (3D)


Title: Tantrum Accelerator Concept V.1
Name: Dennis Hoppe
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, VRay

A little concept-work I´ve done recently.
Here you can find some more renderings:

The Polycount for this model is appr. 2 Mio. in the maximum smoothing iteration.
It was completely modelled in 3DSMax and rendered in Vray.
The interior is not completely finished yet (wasn´t neccessary for the job) so I will post this update in the next days.


i like the car design concept…nice modeling


That’s a pretty mean looking machine! I really like how you used a futuristic environment for the vehicle instead of the standard studio look. Very nice.


pretty nice renderings :slight_smile:

the white car studio settings is better.


wow good design or very good new modeling i like it any car by Exotic car design

& i like it the glass u added more is very nice really i think hes need up the car from the floor i think is very good ok

good luck


Very nice design friend

even I am designing a concept Car (Astin).

Please have a look and give some suggestions .

Astin WIP : http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?t=73069

warm wishes

ArtBlog: www.punjabifrog.blogspot.com


very nice concept,man!
I like very much,I want this car =)


Great Design - feels very Strong and Compact.
The Rendering is great too - i Like the outdoor Rendering the most!

Keep Up!


looks funny :smiley:


Nice design. :thumbsup:
Well done.



It’s looking great, but I don’t understand why 90% of car renders have very bad Anti-Aliasing.


Thanks for all your comments first of all!

The antialiasing-problem comes from the downscaling of embedded pictures. You need to right-click the image and then say “show picture” (Firefox).

Don´t know why this problem occurs.
Anyway - that was a first try of an own car design but I guess I have to make it a lot more futuristic next time and a lot more creative.


[font=Tahoma]Hehe… Hi Dennis :beer:

Knuffig! Lass das mal besser den Benny nicht sehen…[/font]
(Cute! Don’t let Benny (HardNor) see this…)



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