Tanssi I (Dance I) music video for Greypark


here is a little project I’ve been working with.

 it's a study for a motion to the music of [greypark](http://www.lowfidelity.org/%7Enosfe/grey_park). 
 here is the first three parts put together. 

work will continue, we are halfway through the the song now.
but, clip works independently too.

 50% PAL

I tried very hard to pack it more, but it just doesn’t go down, sorry about that.
Some screenshots are available here.



WTF?? :eek:

Man, u got something interesting here. It’s the texture of those characters (texture, not like in 3d, but more like in design studying…) - I mean, the strange jumping, those lines, some of the are wireframe but some are just not clear, and that ligthened head… all of this, i call textures (though it’s not the right word in 3d), and they’r really interesting… And the movement… and the sound… there’s something interesting and really cool there, yet it’s not completed… I mean, while being really unique, it looks abit like “ok, what’s the point? what’s next? does it gets better?” and i say it both to the music and animation. As if you learned some cool effects but don’t know what to do with it.


Yeah I have to agree with Artist3D.

Some great elements but it hangs around one theme for a long time. It seems like an art video and that is probably what it is. It seems to lack momentum,… can’t put my finger on it.


I agree… this is wild. I think perhaps it doesn’t have the plot that we are used to for a music video, but as a piece of visual art, I think it is very interesting. I think it fits the music, which is a bit non-sequeter as well.

What applications did you use? And how did you acheive the onion skin effect (multiple frames). I really like it. Was this all a hardware render perhaps?

I also like some of your cuts. The camera movement in some shots seems very robotic, especially in the red room (at about 1:45) which adds to the feel.

One crit: The title is really low fi, and hard to read. It makes it seem like it is going to be less impressive than it is, and since it is the first thing we see, we start forming an opinion from there. I would clean that up a bit.

But the more I watch it, the more I like it. Congrats, it is a cool piece.



thanks for the comments!

and yes, you are right, there is no actual plot in this animation. it merely tries to follow the music. showing couple of sides of it… trying to understand it. and I’m very happy to see that you picked up also that it doesn’t really look like music video… that is true. and that’s how it’s supposed to be. you can think of it as “performance act in CG” … so thanks. :slight_smile:

it’s done mostly in a way, by me closing me eyes and concentrating on music and trying to see it, how I would move to it… and anything could move to it. so it’s all a big test. “let’s see how this works.”

I’m now half way on the whole song I have for this, but I decided to stop here to sort of wrap it together. decide on the final visual theme for it, because I kept changing the style… and then the red room-part was done, I felt that this is the style it has to be throughout. and I rendered out what I had with that style.

all is modelled, animated, rendered and cut in Blender.
onion skin effect is done by rendering out just the character layer, and then adding that on top of the running animation, but with a short delay, in Blender’s sequencer.

oh, and I’ll see what I can about the title text :slight_smile: it was quite quickly put there, and I think I used Commodore64 font for it. heh.



yo men that sh*t is crazy!
i think that the part where its all red and you get those noise crunchy hits your camera should be moving more hard and put some small shaking when it reaches its target or add some noise effects on those hits. Im starting fallin in your concept!!

Thats a great idea dude i think that would be cool to see that kind of stuff on some techno/industrial party on a screen as background media!


Haha, thats pretty cool. I dont know what to say…crazy


thanks for replies. I let you know when this project has moved forward. I’m now concentrating on two other videos… but I will then do the rest of the song for this one too… (the part II, or so…)

thanks, that is one of the places where it’s planned to be used… or atleat parts of it looping or for video-dj loop material.



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