Tank Farm, Christoph Wagner (3D)


Title: Tank Farm
Name: Christoph Wagner
Country: Germany
Software: Vue

Pictures of a Tank Farm I created recently. Usually I am doing architectural renderings, but in this case I had to show that the architecture of the tank farm (the white cylinders in the background) is not mutilating the landscape :wink:

I created the model with Sketchup and exported the geometry via dxf to Vue 6. Added some “real” gras with Photoshop for the foreground.

First time I created and rendered a landscape with vue under controlled circumstances. I am happy that I was able to get away from these “island surrounded by water” pictures :slight_smile:


Vue 7 ?
first image i like very much :stuck_out_tongue:
on second the road is to much big bump,and clear texture


Beautiful beautiful :slight_smile: The road could be adjusted though .


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