Tangent Symmetry, not quite simmetrical, normal?


I had already defined the symmetry since level 0, everything was working fine, I had spent some time on sculpting an ear, and added a couple of levels too. Then while having a look at the whole head I realized that the other ear didn’t quite look the same. Had a closer look and indeed, it was rather a mess :rolleyes:
Are we to redefine the symmetry on every level?
Or is this a bug?

Thanks guys,

Using 2009


ears are a problem… sometimes at the end of the mesh the symmetry goes off…
to repair the sym select some faces at the “good” side and go to the sculpt layer…
klick on the > icon --> mirror X…

but why you have to define the symmetry…? use shortcut shift+alt+x
mud finds the sym without doing that… beside your mesh is assymetrical…


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