Tanadrine Studios original 3d sci-fi animated series: Delura


Instead of making a new thread for every episode, I will be posting all episodes in this thread so long as it does not become archived or locked.

I have done nearly all of the visual, scripting and SFX elements of this series thus far (EP 001 - 005.02). Obviously, since I have to wear so many hats I have to do things that i’m not so great at… but that’s a work in progress (IE: I feel I’m a way better animator than an artist).

       Delura also has a website, find out more about the project at [delura.tanadrine.com](http://www.delura.tanadrine.com)


The latest installment:

Runtime: 23 minutes

Viewer discretion is advised for brief scenes of violence and strong language.

Production required about 6 months of part time work, there are a lot of firsts regarding its creation and I certainly feel that I am far above where I was when I had just finished EP 003, but I realize I still have a lot of improving to do especially in the modeling and texturing department.


The saga continues… I’m still trying to improve the quality of visuals with every episode released.

   (Foreground ship model by Oystein)
 EP 005.03 is well into production as of this post... its production demands are quite a bit higher than everything before it. More info, previews, and even 3d production tutorials can be found at [www.delura.tanadrine.com](http://www.delura.tanadrine.com)

Finally, for those unfamiliar with the series, we have a short 50 second trailer (YouTube)


As a means of providing story and content inbetween video releases, we’ve implemented what we’re calling Render Comics; We feel we can reasonably keep this updated while working on the main production. EP 005.03 as of this post is well on its way to completion, but for the mean time, check out our comic! Updated 1-2 times a week.

[[img]http://delura.tanadrine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Delura_RenderComic_BTT_001-300x232.jpg[/img]](http://delura.tanadrine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Delura_RenderComic_BTT_001.jpg) [[img]http://www.delura.tanadrine.com/image_manualupload/RenderComics/Delura_RenderComic_BTT_002tn.jpg[/img]](http://www.delura.tanadrine.com/image_manualupload/RenderComics/Delura_RenderComic_BTT_002.jpg)



----Ryan Roye
Lead Development
Character design
General Modeling
General Textures
Final Lighting
2d/3d Animation
Sound Design
Post Production
Composer: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Voice: LI.BA.sie default computer voice
Voice: Misc pedestrians

----Frank Hunter
Voice: Charlie

Voice: Felix

----Robert S. Benjamin
Voice: Dodger
Voice: Ivan

----Edward Bosco
Voice: Rudo

----Davey Arnette
Voice: Swami

Piano Notes: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Composer: Delura Intro Theme (Pathe the Way)
Composer: All music (2:07-END)
Sound Mixing
Voice: “No” Blob

Detail Ship models

Prop model and animation (wristpad)

Detail Ship models
Background texturing (Comm building, Parking area)

Mocap pedestrian animations (Jimmyrig)

----Parker B.
Primary Lighting
Additional surfacing details
Clothing Model/textures: Lucius


----Dan Dulberger
Lightwave workflow enhancement plugins

----Larry “SplineGod” Shultz
Departed mentor, and friend.

Provisioner: Free Pixel art

----Damian Sobieralski
For believing in us!


We are running a Kickstarter for the Delura series and this is your one chance to be a major part of it!


Dijard disagrees somewhat with Aiden’s proposal for advertising the series better…



Animated shortwe did to promote our Kickstarter event!


Another promo we did. This one was completed in 3 days using our decade-old hardware. Our Kickstarter Campaign is still going as of this post, check it out!

(image below links to YouTube video)


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