Taking things seriously(need serious advice)


Hi! i’ll just start by introducing myself, my name is Alexandre, but you can call me Alex, i’m 21 years old
and i live in Portugal.

i feel i need to lay some backstory so you guys can understand where i’m comming and in turn know what advice to give me so i’m sorry for the long post.

Ever since i was little my uncle (on my mother’s side) was always an inspiration to me, he was an amazing artist, and seeing him create worlds with a pencil and sheet of paper always amazed me,
so i sat next to him and tried to draw what he did, seeing myself fail over and over got me to stop, and much like today i’ve never stoped wanting to be able to make other people feel with art like my uncle made me feel, like anything was possible with your imagination, a couple of pencils and paper.

i’ve always doodled all the way from being 7 years old till now, and when i was in high school all i could think about was how i wanted to be an artist for a living, drawing graphic novels, concept art, just being able to throw everything i think about into a piece of paper and make other feel what i felt while doing them.

that said i think from lack of not motivation per se but i get down when i do something and my favorite artists do all these amazing things and even people way younger then me that are so far ahead.

so i kept on drawing but with huge intervals in between so i didn’t really improve (i’ll post some of my drawings bellow so you guys can get an idea)

and i went around asking my favorite artists on DA what they did to improve (also saw interviews with artists i couldn’t possibly get a hold of)

and what 50% said was, study life, get model magazines and bodybuilding magazines and spend weeks drawing every face in there, then draw the torso with the face but no arms… and keep adding and keep studying anatomy from real life

the other 50% say if you can’t to draw comics study comics the same way i would study from life but from the “pages” made my other artists to get a more dinyamic feel to my art.

So you guys know more or who my favorite artists are i’ll post here a few



Romita Jr.
Mark Bagley

these are most of my top favorite artists

i think seeing them it’s pretty obvious what style i’m going for, but i also want to be able to change it around and draw diferent stuff.

i need to get myself in the game, i need to start devoting all my free time to improve my art skills

so if you guys have any advice elaborate on it and help me understand the road i need to travel in order to get there

i’m like a traveler in an unknow world asking for directions

here are some drawings i did (most i used reference from books)


Hello Miguel. To be honest, what you’ve posted sounds like you have desire but no motivation, and it reads like you are looking for a shortcut to get from point A to point B. Many people assume there is some easy or secret way to be a great artist, and this is simply not true.

The best thing you can do is pull out your sketch book right now and start drawing. Then share what you have done with the community on the work in progress section. The more work you put it, and the greater improvement you make, the more people will want to help you.

If you feel you need to learn the basics there is plenty of useful material on here, and many books and tutorials to help you along the way. It is a common saying that if you put 1000hrs into anything, you will master it. However art and creativity is a life long lesson, so if you put enough time into it you may become a great artist, but there will ALWAYS be new things to learn.

A wise man once said “Creativity is a very straightforward muscle, like the bicep; one single simple exercise repeated over and over will suffice to make it grow.” (Steven Stahlberg, D’Artiste Character Modeling, 4th Edition 2008).

I hope you find this useful, and best of luck in the future :slight_smile:


i get it… i really do… there is no magic or secret to it… it’s practice practice and practice.

and i thank you for saying it… so this is my plan for now Gesture drawing just draw what i see

i was thinking of using this website (since i can’t take any drawing/gesture classes for at least a few months)


Maybe do the 5 minute ones? maybe 2?

you guys could help me out on what’s best or if i shouldn’t draw from pictures at all

i also wanted to do the class setup and do a 2h class everyday from the website

i’m also taking a sketchbook with me everyday so i can draw people on my way to school/work during lunch, bus, subway etc

you guys can check it out and tell me with your experience if you think its a good way to start


One thing that could help you out is getting down the fundamentals (you know cubes ,cylinders ,etc)as that was what was holding me back that’s all I did in December and January and I’ve seen an improvement in line quality its not fun but it really makes finding those shapes less of a chore.


It will take years until you get to the point of being a great artist. Enjoy the process and improving and expressing yourself with your art and the rest will fall into place.

Educate yourself as much as possible. Buy art books, dvds, magazines. Anything and everything. Really study the material and understand the concepts. Also, don’t limit yourself to just art, study everything. History, science, etc.

Make sure, when you practice, that it is quality practice. Try and practice everyday. 20 minutes a day is more then enough to see improvements in your drawing. I’d suggest, after a 20 minute drawing session, stop, take a look at your drawing and really analyze it. Take notes, and try and apply your self critique to the next drawing.

Hope this helps.


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