TakeTool 1.0 Released


Hi Franz,

Have Downloaded the TLE version and playing around right now.
Very usefull and a great time saver I admit.
Just a question do you think It’ll be possible rather than doing “Prepare files to render” a “ONE CLICK” solution that’ll automaticly render all the take thru batch render directly.
Just gaining some time on that process ?

Thanks for you reply


Hello skydistortion,
an integrate batch and net render solution is planned i hade already begin to develop it.
First thigs is optimizze workflow, then i’ll restart to work on this issue.

Thanks for Support and Suggestion :wink:



for the moment you can animate current take and render correct sequence :wink:
this tips can help you now, future versions will be mutch powerfull on this issue .



Okey bought it & want to support you.
my little Xmas after Xmas :wink:


thanks a lot :slight_smile:



I was just using Take Tool and it took longer than making 2 different files by a long shot. Yes I don’t have the workflow down, but because it involves countless steps it is very easy to either stuff them up or just completely forget a vital part. Yes I am rather sad and pathetic I know but this tool is supposed to make things easy. I was wondering how easy it would be to do something like this:

I want a master scene or fill and then a pass that gives me some elements with different colours for isolation mattes.

I start and set everything up for the fill or master scene. I hit a new take and that’s it. Everything in the current state is recorded to the Take. I then create a New take, name it matte and proceed to change the document to create my matte run. Let’s say I already have compositing tags etc so I can just switch on matte objects and change colours. Magically this is saved as the new take as every button press I do is effectively recorded or the state change is acknowledged as being different when compared to the master scene. Once I am happy I hit recalc or update and that’s it. The settings are stored until I want to adjust or unlock that particular take.

I know this is probably far too difficult but the present system is unfortunately a little clunky. Maybe an override panel needs to be available bound to the Take itself, into which you can drag each item that needs changing for the specific take. Once inside you can of course change the parameters there.

Sort of thinking aloud and I am sure you are working towards something like this but I thought I’d just offer up my 2 cents worth

all the best



hello rich,
thanks for your suggestion, is very important for me! :wink:
as is say in my past post i am working on a new dinamic override sistem and i think this will can make workflow mutch more easy and fast.
another new feature will be a true “swapping element” sistem, substitute on fly one element with onother element (also different kind, like sobstitute one compositing tag with another kind of tag, or vray material with cinema4d material).
hope you like this new things, but please continue to tell me your suggestion, that are fundamental develop elements ( all sugestion by user are important).

Thanks a lot


I go agree with rsquires this way of workflow with take tool 'll be great.
So fare,I didn’t had the time to dive much into it.
Let you know eveything very soon.


Knowing that this exists might make me finally purchase Cinema4D. I’ve been wanting to start using it, but I was afraid I would miss the pass system in XSI.

How to versatile is TakeTool in comparison to XSi’s pass and partitions? I’d imagine you’re pretty familiar with it, if you had the idea to make this plugin.


suggestion post

ill go from the steps video on your site.

when a “Take” gets added, instead of an object being created.
the take should just be added to the take manager attributes with a collapsible sub menu for the take attributes (with a button in the attribute to make the take an object if you want)
just like c4d “Constraint” tag where you can add more then one constraint
(because having a lot of take objects gets real missy)

and instead of needing to press “Exclude Selected Object From Uncheck Takes”
it would be easier if you could just Drag and Drop the object into “Enabling” field

and instead of tags for render setting etc…

have tabs on each take attributes
i.e “Render setting” tab, “material setting” tab, “camera settings” tab etc…
and have a disable/enable option on the takes main attributes for each tab.
so the tabs arent always enabled (showing) if you dont want/need them

here is what it would kind of look like


hello adrencg,
obviously xsi pass and partition system is very powerful, i made TT because i used XSI in past and i think pass and partition management is a very important missing feature in Cinema4D.
TT is a very litle, young and cheap plugin, but i think with this and of course with some new update i’m working on, you will not be afraid to leave from xsi (cinema in my opinion is mutch more fast, simple and stable this dipendently from kind of your production).
TakeTool idea born from a mix of XSI/HOUDINI features, obviously in this 2 software this feature are in depth integrated in core software, but i think in near future TT will be integrated like it too.

ok thanks, i think some of this sugestion will be implemented in nexts releases, i am very near to release R1.05 with new override system :wink:
and of course my TakeToolTODO.txt is updated with your comment :slight_smile:



What’s the price? Couldn’t find it in the site…


hello Nanome,
i don’t know if i can post here price.
price in pluginshop page in pink square, i’ll send you a personal message.



Not get to far off track, but —

as someone who has used both software…do you think Cinema4d can keep up with XSI? I’m in love with the c4D renderer, I think its better than Mental Ray, but I feel like I may miss out on a few animation aspects. Did you miss XSI after switching?


hey adrencg,
is hard to say, in my personal experience the only thing i loose with Cinema4D is
[left]headache :)[/left]
[left]but is completely dipendent from kind of your production, in my customer there are very big animation Studios using Cinema 4d for All.
i think new CAT tools and NLA are very powefull!
my big friend, Renato Tarabella, some years a go switch from houdini to Cinema, his word on “why?” question was, Mutch Mutch mutch fast![/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]Best [/left]
[left]Franz [/left]


Hello all,
here a little update, new overrides system is finaly ready for test:


old overridetag is completely removed and override are integrated in Take dynamic interface.
now new system, need some optimizzation but i think it can be ready very soon.

hope you like it :slight_smile:

best regards

PS last 5 days with promotional price, and new release will be for free for all current user :wink:


Sweet, I’ll have a look into it.


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