TakeTool 1.0 Released


Hello All,
TakeTool 1.0 is Released.
TakeTool is a litle workflow Plugin to store multiple version of a scene in same file!
Every Take in your scene can store:
[li]Current Camera[/li][li]Render Settings[/li][li]Post Effect[/li][li]Object Enabling[/li][li]Manual Overrides for most of Cinema4D Tags, Material and Object[/li][li]Full Compatible with VrayForC4D 1.1[/li][/ul]With TakeTool you can easy create custom pass scene setup, differnet version of same scene (illumination, object enabling, ext)
in TakeTool you can animate current take and use it as an advanced Stage Object.

Check TakeTool Siteto take a tour of it and watch some videos.
For first month TakeTool will have a promotional price!

TakeTool 1.0 is compatible with :
Cinema4D 10.5, 11 mac and pc both on 32 and 64 bit platform

hope you like it



Cool, Franz. Sounds like a great way to fiddle with scene render setup without saving a new document every time. Look forward to trying it out. :slight_smile:



Thank you Rober for you effort, and thank for your support on plugincafe :wink:



It looks great franz, does it support turning layers on and off and compositing tags for creating matte objects?


hello marshalartist,
Layer are not supported in this version but i think to add it in next free service release ( a lot of people ask it )
with overrides you can quick store all compositing tag value, no problem for it .



hi Franz,

thanks for this wonder full tool!

it is a very simple, yet extremly powerfull timesaver, would not want c4d without it anymore.
i just used it for my current project. used it for several camera takes…works perfect:-)

(and a very good and friendly price)



hello Stefan,
thanks a lot for you support.
hope TakeTool, will be a good help for all Vrayforc4d user :wink:
best Franz


Great tool Franz, really a must have plugin!
I like it so much. Thanks for your effort.


Extremely usefull and a “must” to manage ours scenes.
Good Job :slight_smile:


hello all,
thanks for all comments and for all have already purchased TakeTool! :slight_smile:
i’m preparing a Test Learning Free Edition, with some limitation to test and uderstand TakeTool workflow.
Limitation List:
4 Takes for file
and max 50 Object storable status
all the rest is full.
i’ll include some example scene.



hello all,
here new Test&Learning Edition, this version is Free and you can personaly test and use TakeTool feature in smal project.
Limitation :
Max 4 Take creation for file;
Max 50 Object Enabling/disabling storable for each Take;
Only 32 bit for Windows version;
All other feature are full.
you can find tree quick example scene:

  1. 4 takes includung child, sketch, render settings, posteffect and one override on sky object.
    without TakeTool 4 file - With TakeTool 1 file
  2. animated camera with overrided material and shader
    without TakeTool 3 file - With TakeTool 1 file
  3. VrayforC4d Flythrougth setup for camera animation (vraybridge is required)
    without TakeTool 3 file (and a lot of work)- With TakeTool 1 file

here the links:

hope is good for all want to try TakeTool workflow.



Nice work Franz! :slight_smile:

I see the video and sure is a “must to have” plugin! :beer:


I was a bit confused to start with but once I got into it I can see TakeTool being a massive timesaver. I have done projects with many versions for mattes, different text, depth blurs etc and to be able to have a single file to keep all the assets in will be a huge change in my workflow. I just have to get my head around changing materials and then I’ll be good.

all the best

PS I have had a look at the compositing pass set up video and I am still confused as to how the override works. If for instance I wanted to change all the materials in a scene to different colours ( I sometimes do this to create a custom matte pass that can be broken into the different elements by colour keying in After Effects) then I assume I have to override each material, which means I have to do an override tag, then set it to the scene to override etc each time I change each of the materials. Either that or do compositing tags for each element. This seems rather long winded but is that the workflow. Can you for instance add multiple elements to the override tag. Confused I am.


hello rich an all,
thanks for you reply, i am very happy if TT can help you.
I know for a lot of user change a little workflow is a problem in first step with it, but if go inside it TT can help a lot to pervert errors in particular in revision phase.

Yesterday night i had some feedback from big studio New TakeTool Customer, they tell me a lot of very nice suggestion and now i am already on next Free Update.

Remeber to download TLE version to have a test drive on TakeTool

Best Regards


I actually bought it last night but I am still getting my head around it.

all the best


hello rich,
if you have 10 material to override you must to make 10 override tag.
i don’t think it is much more longer then save another file and replace all material.
if you need to make matte, override compositing tag in various take, pay attention to place the tags in better position to have less tag as possible.



hello rich,
if you have 10 material to override you must to make 10 override tag.
i don’t think it is much more longer then save another file and replace all material.
if you need to make matte, override compositing tag in various take, pay attention to place the tags in better position to have less tag as possible.



Hello All,
here some TT news :slight_smile:
i am rewriting Override Workflow, override tag will be removed and all override will be placed in take object.
here beta interface screenshot :wink:

in next version will be a new command to override on fly multiple selected Objects/Materials/and Tag with one single click.

new overrides will have 3 settings, Attribute ( settings override ), coordinate ( to change position and rotation of an object in various takes) and Both at the same time.

if you want suport me you can buy now with current promotional price and have this update for FREE! (obiusly all current customer will have this for FREE)

in nexts days i’ll show here some other new features with sample video and screenshot.




I think this will be a great deal simpler. I did play around again this morning and Taketool is definitely growing on me

all the best



hello rich,
i am very happy.
and i have a lot of code to write, but i think next version will mutch mutch easy and powerful.