Takes question


I received a few scene files, with anywhere from 5-20 takes per scene,
The project has a blank path name for saving, but does include final render params within RedShift.

When I do a quick standard C4D engine test and click ‘Render all takes to PV’, with a quick save path enabled, I was really expecting that naming would be taken care of internally, based on the take names. Instead, it either throws up an overwrite error, or in some cases, it replaces all the renders with the same name.

It’s a little confusing and being as I have quite a few of these to get through, a simpler option would be great.

My question is, is it possibly to quickly assign a take name to the save file path, without doing the work manually.
C://Desktop/Project/ProjectName_Takename.exr for example?

Would have though this either came as a standard option, or would be easy to find.



I’m not sure if understand the question correctly …

A hack i thought would be to make an animation of X frames where X the number of takes and assign a Scene object. Make the scene object enable a new camera for each frame. Save the animation as .jpg. There will be an automatic name suffix.


Do you mean something like “./renders/$prj/$take/$prj_$take”?


$prj/$take/$prj_$take is perfect, thanks. I question why its necessary though.
It appears the standard workflow is to assign a ‘My Render Setting’ to each take, because a name change in the render save path isn’t recorded during ‘autotake’… Which makes sense, but I don’t need that level of control or the laborious work of setting that up manually…

They should at least afford the user a button to quickly auto-assign duplicate render settings for each take. But I’m happy there’s at least a simple coded way to fix it.


I see what you mean! My workflow is a little different: I assign a render setting in the main/parent take, then override as necessary in subsequent child takes.


Yeah, $take is the way to go. I’ve actually found it helpful that they’ve split apart render settings from takes, as this allows you to setup different multipass options & frame selections per take. You can still assign a single render setting selection to multiple takes if need be.