Tail rig in Maya?


I’m new to this rigging part of 3D, and I’m currently doing a simple rig for a lizard or something. But the TAIL!? That one is a bit hard to rig… How do I rig it?

I kind’a want it to react as a dynamic chain, if you know what I mean? The tail consists of 7 joints, and it would be a pain in the ass to rotate each single joint to make the tail move/bend.

I kind’a want to be able to move only the tip of the tail, and the rest of it shall follow along. Is that possible? I HOPE SO! :stuck_out_tongue:


umm, spline IK…?


Awright! It worked!

Thanks man :smiley:


Here’s a demo video of my Universal Tail System.



Thank you! I’ll definately check out your tutorial :slight_smile:


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