Taeyoung Kim VFX reel


Hi, my name is Taeyoung Kim and here is the work I did during VFS life.
I wish I did better job at it but I guess this has to be it for now.

I really wanna hear what you guys think about it.
Please enlighten my CG life with ur crits and comments.

Thanks for viewing.

mirror -> thanks to rjays for offering the webspace


mirror -> thanks to Phan for webspace :wink:



Glad to be the first one to post here.

Great work!! Wish you the best of the best luck all the way!! get tougher in two years, u know what i mean, and then come back!!! we miss you already!!


You rule! Your work has always been impresive and you are one of the most talented people i know. I love your pice, if you ask me the best of 3d57. Awsome good luck my man! you will go far!


Very good work. The number of passes applied to your compositing work and it’s integration into live action is impressive. Great attention to detail. Only thing that looked a little off was the specular shine near the end of the whale’s tail as he swam overhead in your second shot. But that is a MINOR crit. Nitpicking aside, your work is fantastic. Congrats.

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Really impressive work!
I loved the breakdown of the
wale-reflection in the
windows… amazing work!

4 Stars from me… really
amazing stuff!


First of all, hands clap!

Wow… Im really glad to watch ur reel on here…I know how much you got a stress for making this guy BUT, You made it. You did it…^^
I think you would get a good job as goog position as well.
Yo Taeyoung!! Dont be shamed about your work. this is really well done that I have seen so far. Hope that this is going to be front page soon~ Of course 5 stars!!
Congarate again ^^


hyper harcore job dude very well done. it´s very impresive to look at the shots you did.


:buttrock: dude…

this is so kickass!!! you could soo be a f*in’ teacher in VFX with a reel like yours. my god, i would have no idea how to even approach sumthin like that. just shows that you are one talented mofo cos a lota newbies will be wonderin’ "how the fk did he do that…?"

5 stars from me bro!


Wow. Thanks for your kind words guys… and girls :wink:

I hear it’s really slow to download my reel so I am currently finding mirrors.

(mirrors will be soon available)

Sorry about slow downloads.

Only thing that looked a little off was the specular shine near the end of the whale’s tail as he swam overhead in your second shot.

and yes burdennwoe I agree with u. In fact that’s where I got confused what kind of look my whale should have. totally wet or a bit wet… and by the time I got to that point, I didn’t have enough time and energy. If I have chance I will try to fix it. Thanks for your crits and kind words.


TUT TUT TUT Taeyoung, modesty doesn’t suit you mate! stand up an’ take a bow…awesome work there. its been a pleasure knowin’ you an’ learnin’ from you. All the best! an’ awesome future for people like you:thumbsup:


dooood!! awesome work! saw your reel on a siggraph dvd the other day… great stuff overall!


ok now the mirrors are up. hopefully this works out fine.

Oh Vikram… lol good to hear from you. where u at now? in india? cananda? US? wherever u are… good luck man…

Thought is real…its the physical which is the illusion

a quote from “What dreams may come” I believe… one of my favorite movies…

Hi mistasam02 Thanks for ur words, but u saw my work on a siggraph dvd? is there a chance that u’ve mistaken with somebody else’s work because I didn’t send anything to Siggraph…? but thank you anyway. cheers :wink:


The guy that carry his camera around most of the time did it! Your work is awesome! You are one of the most talented, most hardworking and most creative friend that I’ve ever met! Other than work work work, the class had so much fun with you! You are so helpful and willing to help any of us that have problem with our reel. We all miss you!

Don’t give up my friend!! I’ll be here waiting to see more of your work in the future!

All the best to you!


Very impressive! as the title says, the scenery you’ve created in your work totally makes me believe as if there were a real existing city called “whale city” somewhere on this planet. I also had a feeling of reading a poem when viewing your work.

Also talking about technical stuff, I’d like to point out the compositing. It was awesome and your CG whale blends so well with the real background image.

Nice work man. Keep it up~!


what a great potencial!!
just keep up the good work bro, and don’t give up before you go to military service.
you’ve got great potencial…
great work.


Thank you PangSiawYee monnani mgard for appreciating my work.
but I wouldn’t mind seeing any criticism you guys might have.

anybody not from VFS? I don’t want this thread only VFS party you know.

please view my piece and tell me what you guys think. be honest. you don’t have to be nice 'cause I am far away from wherever you guys are habitating hehehe.

once again Thanks for those who enjoyed my work. I appreciate it. :wink:


great job here taeyoung. the whale is amazing and well placed into the scenery. most deserving of front page. 2 thumbs up!

cheers :bounce:


Wow you are seriously talented guy. Something that noone has commented on is the animation of the whale - I love the way he just kinda flips his fin over the last street light.

That is work to be proud of, 5 stars from me


I’m really glad to see your demoreel here. couldn’t be better than this~ everything is
perfect. lighting modeling texturing etc. I think you are really talented person.
so don’t forget your artistic sense during military service. keep thinking about 3d even
you are in tough training. ^^ anyway~ good luck!!!


Absolutely beautiful.