Tadao Ando - Church of Light, András Páll (3D)


Title: Tadao Ando - Church of Light
Name: András Páll
Country: Hungary
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop


This is my version of Tadao Ando’s Church of Light. I didn’t want to use the well known one point perspective composition, instead I wanted to show the assymetry in the space, with the big angled wall on the right side, which cuts through the wall of the church.

I used Lightwave for modelling, Kray for render, and lots of post work in PS.


nice work man i like it
good lighting, texturing & rendering :]


nice angle, good aproach, i like it


awesome lighting indeed :thumbsup:


very nice modeling!


nice …nice


Great work, you definitely captured the feel and mood, lighting works very well indeed.


Nice :slight_smile:
Makes me think of a church in a “1984”-esk time. I’m not familiar with what this is based on, but I remember seeing this piece submitted a while back. I think breaking away from the symmetry that the other one had was a good choice. Both were lit very well, but this one has a more interesting look to it because of the changed camera angle and differing bench size. It’s kind of strange to me how the wall bows toward the camera rather than going straight back- that’s not intended to really be a crit, just curious. Was this just to break up symmetry as well?
All in all- Great work!


I remember seeing your earlier version of this a while ago - I like the changes - makes for a more dynamic composition !


thanks everybody,


the wall bows, like Tadao Ando designed it. There’s the entrance at the intersection of the two walls.


thanks for the comment, although it must have been another someone else’s version.


Really nicely done, all of it.


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