Tablet PC Help Needed!


I tried to find other threads pertaining to this but none seemed to help so I’m sorry but I’m starting a new one. I’m very new to this site thought I’ve been doing art and graphic design for over 20 years. I’ve been so amazed at what people here can do, you all deserve great praise. I’m currently running a freelance design studio and wanting to break out more into illustration using painter and such. It has become increasingly more important for me to have a laptop to take to my clients and show them work, but if I’m going to get one I need to decide the best way to proceed meaning laptop or tablet computer. I want to be able to go to my clients and make changes right there on the fly in photoshop, illustrator, flash, etc… I also want to be able to do video editing and 3D work on the fly. And if I go the tablet route I’d love to be able to draw right on the screen using Alias sketch and painter. The problem is I can’t tell what computer would be best for a tablet that would allow me to do all of these things. Is this even possible with a tablet and if so what one is the best to get for an artist who wants to do illustration on it? I’m also a huge gamer so I want to be able to use this to take to LAN parties for portable gaming. I’ve looked at the big HP workhorses, the Toshiba Quosmios and the new Gateway Tablet, but none seem quite right. If there is anyone out there who is doing the work I want to do on a tablet please reply and let me know what works for you, any info I can get from any of you would be helpful.



Please go to The forums there have a ton of information.

However, here are my two cents.

(1) I use a TC1100 and LOVE it. Hybrid form factor rocks and the Geforce Go420 GPU provides just enough power to play games like Half Life 2.

(2) If I were purchasing new, I’d take a serious look at the Acer, as it has a great mobile GPU, CPU and is priced reasonably. I’ve used one and even though it is not hybrid, I like it alot. Plays games well too!


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