Tablet PC and Vertical Artwork


Totally new to the idea of tablet PCs as artist’s tool, but am trying dig up some info from artists who use them. As there are no places for me to go check them out in person, I ask here. One question I have is with a tablet like the Tecra M4. It has great resolution at 1400x1050. Now, if you’re working in Painter say, and you’d like to work vertically (so 1400 is the ‘up and down’ of the page, does the tablet have a way to go into a ‘portrait’ mode – so that menus and windows are in sync with the vertical orientation? Or must they keep their default orientation, so they would now be sideways to your working?



Don’t know about Tectras, but I can rotate my TC1100 screen (including menus) depending how I have it setup…slate or laptop setup.


Thanks Saurus,
Do you use Photoshop and/or Painter?



I prefer Alias Sketch. Photoshop doesn’t look as sharp (viewing) or as natural feeling as Sketch. I find Photoshop’s line edge gets pixilated when I zoom out
you have to work at 1 to 1 to get the best view. Photoshop is still very workable. I don’t think it’s a tablet thing, because a guy at work who uses a Wacom’s Cintiq also has the same issue. I haven’t tried painter.


(TC1100 tablet pc)

I’ve noticed the the quality of the tablet display when in vertical (portrait) orientation is lower. This includes a reduced refresh rate when using (or mirroring to) an external display.

I’ve seen this effect on other brands as well (new Acer tablets). So it may just be a general graphics card issue when switching to the non-primary orientation.

I use Art Rage (Free) for most of my sketching, and then export PNGs to PhotoShop for coloring.

The TC1100 has specific line quality issues with this Sketchbook Pro, so I don’t use that program, and Painter is a bit too heavy-handed for me as I’m only sketching. When I dock, I often just use my Wacom (12x12") and PhotoShop.

Most programs are aware of the change to a lower horizontal resolution (portrait) and can adjust accordingly. However, changing back to landscape is often where the menus get left in a dumb position…


I have an m200 ( Toshiba ).
When you flip it to ‘portrait’ mode, all of the menus orient themselves in the correct way.
You sometimes have to drag the menus around to fit the screen ( I never tried just refreshing the screen though …I don’t use the M200 in portrait mode all that much.
Painter and a Tablet PC are fantastic together. I was going to buy Sketchbook, but the latest version of Painter changed all that. I’m actually finding myself wanting to do art again. :thumbsup:


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