Table vs Elbow [Biped]


I’ve got a scene with characters having a bit of a chin-wag at a table.

But, try though I might, I simply cannot keep that forearm locked in place, and it sinks into the table if the spine moves. The hand is using the table to stay in place, but there seems no way at all to lock the elbow where it is. (If the upper arm can’t move any further, well, that’s why we have clavicles, innt?

As near as I can tell, the problem is that the only place you can set a pivot is on the hand; setting the pivot further up the arm simply isn’t possible.
And I’ve found no way to tell a limb that, sure, it can move on the X and Y axes, but Z is quite off-limits.

I’ve tried everything I can think of and scoured the internet and found nothing. It seems like my only hope to to brute-force it by setting a key at every darn frame; not even changing the interpolation between keyframes has helped.

You’d think Autodesk would realize this was gonna come up…it’s the most basic thing a character might do.


Select biped spline and clavicle, switch to Local coord. system and rotate - should be Y axis?
Rotate together - same time!
If you getting reversed/mirrored rotation that is yours “zeroing point”.

You can use it in direct animation that way, but layering is… dont know what to say.

It’s the same track even if it would be on different axis and offset values…


Oh, well, whaddaya know. That totally did the trick.

Well, the elbow still sinks in a little, but nothing that isn’t easily corrected.
Thanks so much! :slight_smile: