TA ILE | shortfilm


Hi everybody!

I’d like to share a project i’ve been working on the last few years.

sound design by Leeran Z. Raphaely, I did the rest.
created primarily in Softimage, a tiny bit Houdini, rendered with Redshift.


hope you like it!




Oh wow…visually speaking this looks fantastic. I can not imagine the amount of hours of render put into this. OR, perhaps you figured out a way to do this and avoiding extra long render times. There’s a few shots I could be they’re real time/game engine rendered. Or maybe the whole thing is? If that’s the case, then twice as impressive.

Story wise, I didn’t “get” it at all. But that’s just probably me, and the meaning is escaping me.

Anyway, quite the eye delight, and cool sound design as well.


thanks! yes it rendered quite a long time (even with Redshift).

hehe, this doesn’t sound too great. Could you tell me which shots specifically looked that way? But i agree, a lot of shots are far from perfect… but you have to get it done at some point…

Don’t worry I’m pretty sure you are not the only one. :wink:
Thanks again,


Oh I think you took it the wrong way. Some shots look SO fluid, in motion and even looks higher frame rate that it seems real time stuff. And by the way, some real time shit looks nothing less than fantastic so…

Anyway. Perfect is boring as hell, I prefer gorgeous before perfect anytime. And your stuff looks gorgeous man.

What hardware did you have available for this. I can imagine burning a graphic card or two rendering this stuff.

Care to elaborate a bit on the storytelling? I’m somewhat slow understanding this kind of abstraction. So now I’m curious.



well then, thanks a lot! :wink:
and yes I agree, game engines came a long way, the quality is astounding sometimes. But in my case it’s all reflection and refraction, which would be quite a hassle for realtime i could imagine (at the time of this writing at least :wink: )

it was rendered on 4 nodes with 2 GPUs each (mostly 1070s, and a couple of Titans) in 2880x1080 (to be upres’ed to 4K or downsized to HD). it took a few months to finish the final rendering.

i could elaborate a bit about the story (if you can even call it that, more fitting would be symbolism I guess), but honestly, I’m just happy if somebody watched it, and enjoyed those lengthy 3 mins :wink:

Thanks again!