T-Gen released



T-Gen has finaly been released. Regular T-Gen price is 119 EUR, however you can buy T-Gen now for promotional price 99 EUR (lasts until October 25,2007)
To buy it now follow this link:

T-Gen is first tree and plant generator plugin fully integrated into XSI architecture. Over 80 appearance and distribution parameters, full utilization of XSI curves and node-based hierarchy ensures great flexibility and huge possibilities while creating your own trees and plants.

One of the key features of T-Gen are:

[li][size=2][/li][li]Advanced branch and leaf apperance settings. [/li]
See features section: http://simartom.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19&Itemid=41
[li]Geometry optimalization ( creating low-poly trees)[/li][li]Preset Manager [/li]
There are muliple tree presets included in basic package. To download additional presets go to

[li]Full XSI integration[/li][li]Node based hierarchy[/size][/li][/ul][size=2]

To see more examples of plants and trees created using T-Gen go to :

Thank you for your support



congrats on releasing this! and good luck!



Excellent! This is definitely on my “must have” last.


I have a little technical question:

Is T-Gen procedural or l-system based?


Hi, propably closer to procedural. L-Systems weren’t very suitable for me in XSI enviroment.



[size=2]Hi there !
there is new version of T-Gen ( v1.04) available now. You can download it from here

I have added new “Min branch length” parameter. All branches and leaves with length below this value
will be not computed. This also fixes the bug that causes problems when rendering branches and leaves
with very small length. In some cases animation speed should be greatly improved too.

[/size][size=2]Supported XSI versions : XSI 5.11, XSI 6.02, XSI 6.02(x64), XSI 6.5, XSI 6.5 (x64), XSI 7.0, XSI 7.0 (x64) ( I have not yet compiled version for XSI 7.0, but 6.5 addon is working fine in XSI 7.0 )

You can also buy T-Gen now for 59.90 EUR ( this limited offer last until end of august !! )



Hi Kaol,

My finger is over the purchase button, but I’ve got a few questions. :slight_smile:

What’s your policy for upgrades?..free till version 2.0?

Are you planning on adding much additional functionality now that ICE
may offer better access to low-level control? (I’m thinking specifically
about things like creating billboards from branch/leaf groups or other
game-engine-handy possibilities…but perhaps this is XSI 7.01 stuff when
geometry can be created and not just manipulated–dunno how much
opportunity you’ve had to play with ICE) Do you have other ideas or a
roadmap for future version enhancements related to ICE?


Hi, yes all upgrades free until 2.0, maybe even beyond :wink:
Regarding ICE. I yet need to have a deeper look at it, but i think you should
be able to create some cool thinks with T-Gen and ICE now.

I suggest to take a look at free version and decide for yourself.



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