SyPin re-initializes in XSI 4.2


Hi, I posted a thread on XSI Base with a syflex question/issue in it. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a silly question with an obvious answer before I posted it here.

So, here it goes:

[size=2] Okay, I’ve got a syflex problem here.

Actually, had it for a while.

When I create a sypin with a lot of verticies (more than a hundred or so on each object) it takes a while for the sypin to initialize. I suppose its doing brute force comparison of distances and such to figure out what points on the cloth should pin to what points on the target mesh etc.

Okay thats not the problem. If it needs that time to initialize, then fine. Cause it looks great once its done. Actual simulation steps are quite fast. This is syflex after all.

That said, the weights never seem to get saved. So every time I reopen the file and step the simulation, the system hangs for a while as the SyPin goes through the whole brute force weighting again, rather than loading a saved weight data block of some kind. This is not fine, since this can take upwards of five minutes in some situations. (please, I don’t want comments like “well then use lower resolution meshes if it takes too long!”)

In version 4.0, this was exacerbated further by the fact that when you hit “start capture” it had to reinitialize yet again, every time… delaying the capture by minutes at a time.

In version 4.2, it doesn’t re-init on a start capture (phew) but it does re-init every time I load the scene and step teh animation for the first time.

So, the questions are:

is this behavior normal?
Does everyone get this behavior?
Does anyone have a solution to this problem? A way to make it cache its init data?
Does anyone have a workaround?
Am I doomed to sit around and wait for sypin to re-init for the rest of the coming year as I intend to use it for skin simulation?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



kind of same problem here…pin gets lost when loading a new file and reloading (or quitting). :cry:


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