Synthetica - dead easy texture synthesis from photo


[left]Synthetica is a one-button solution for the automatic generation of tileable synthetic textures and backgrounds from photographic examples. A portion of an image can generate multiple variations of textures of infinite dimensions.

Synthetica 3D comes with shaders for both realtime and photorealistic rendering of infinite size textures (3d modeling and visualization, games).

Synthetica base can be either used to create plain tileable textures of any given size for the 3D industry, but also backdrops for web pages, large size signage and print.


Very interesting!
How much will it cost?


I would be interested in this too, if the price is reasonable. Can you upload a demo video of it working?


I’m wondering in the pictures you show (the 3d model) if you use real texture synthesis like found in research papers or some blending at seams or some sort of box mapping. Genetica has also a synthesis feature for 3d models but they use blending, so that the results aren’t that good.



Synthetica will be released in fall and its price will be accessible to anyone. It is meant to be a tool to help either modelers, artists and even web developers (imagine tileable backgrounds, large poster print and backgrounds for large signage as additional usage), so it will target all pockets :wink:


Synthetica uses texture pictionary based synthesis. samples from the original texture are used to create completely new assemblies that tile together. It is, indeed, full out synthesis and not a shortcut. Millions of combinations are analyzed and a global solution is reached through convergence with a combination of genetic algorithms and statistics. In the process, color transfer and graph cut are involved. There is no blending taking place in Synthetica. You can see that in the examples above and in the Facebook page.


Thank you very much for your explanation, much appreciated!

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What i forget to say, i find it pretty cool that you release your software for the masses. Texture Synthesis is not new in the research field and i say big shame on the big software companies, which were not able in the last 10 years, or so, to release such software. I’m sure, once you fine software is released, that your will be pretty successful and hopefully make lot’s of money! Your company name Rebel is also pretty cool… :slight_smile: I will buy a copy for sure.

Much success and best regards


Great to hear that somebody develops such a tool, especially as Imagesynth is long dead now: