syntax error in maya6.5.bin


I’m just starting with Linux Redhat 9.0, I,ve installed maya6.5 but when I want to run the maya6.5.bin from the commmand shell I get this message:

 Maya6.5: line 23: syntax error near unexpected token `"$OSname"'
 Maya6.5: line 23: `switch ("$OSname") '
 Can anybody help me with this problem?
 This is the script:
#!/bin/csh -f
   #Tag 0x00C98a00
   #*  Module:
   #*	maya
   set maya_exec = maya.bin
   #  Determine if launched from the desktop or a shell.  This will tell
   #  us how to display error messages later.
   set tty = 1
   set $OSname = `/bin/uname -s`
   switch ("$OSname") 
   	case Linux:
   		set lib = lib
   		set lsFlags = '-l'
   	case IRIX*:
   		set lib = lib32
   		set libn32 = 1
   		set lsFlags = '-Hl'
   		if ( -x /bin/tty ) then
   			if ( "`tty`" !~ /dev/* ) then
   				set tty = 0
   		set OSversion = `/bin/uname -r`
   		switch ( "$OSversion")
   			case 5.3:
   			case 6.[234]:
 			set errMsg = "This version of Maya will not run on Iri



your file is incomplete is why… try finding it on the install CD or contact AW support and ask them to mail you the file.


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