Symbol of death when presenting as a gift?


I need a visual support for one of my ideas.

Think a room where two man stand side by side. There is a small table between them. One of them give a gift to the other. The gift is on the table. What kind of technique and object should I use so that the man who is taking gift understands his time has come. But because this man have lived so many fucking years and got tired of the world, he accepts the gift with appreciaton. I don’t want to use a gun or a rope. I don’t want it to be that direct. I first think of a poisoned beverage or liquor of same kind but that will not make the impact I want, it doesn’t even understandable.

Also how can I picture the idea that this man wants to die for so many years? I think of putting empty bottles of that liquor behind some shelf, desk or something but that also didn’t satisfy me.

Thanks for your help!


An hourglass that is about to run out? A flower that is withering? A bit far fetched, but a testament to sign? A newspaper with his obituary?


a model of a Grim reaper holding a scythe standing over a tombstone with the guys name on it