Hello :slight_smile: ! I saw this new Syflex forum, and I understand its a cloth plugin for maya, ofcourse…
But other then that I dont konw anything about it…! I am looking for a good cloth plugin, and I wish to know more about this.
Can any of you please tell me more about Syflex, and the advantages and disadvantages of it?
Sorry for my english…


Official website:
hope this helps.

  1. It’s not only for maya.
  2. It’s available for XSI and Houdini too.
  3. XSI 4 Advanced comes with a copy of Syflex.


it’s really a great plugin, it’s very fast and fun to use it.


Search no further… There isn’t any plugin that’s better at clothsim then this one…


Hi all syflex users, I was just over at and saw that the plugin for maya is listed at $2200 :argh: please let it not be true that the plugin I was hoping to purchase doesn’t cost more than maya @ the mo
Anyone out there know otherwise?


I think it used to be twice as expensive, you can always purchase the version for PLE…


Yep, Syflex is expensive, but its the best! :buttrock: Been used in many films and commercials.

If you want something more cost effective then perhaps clothFX( is a better plugin? Its only for 3ds Max, and has now been integrated into it ( Also, there’s Stitch and ClothReyes (see for Max only.

Also, on the Maya side there’s MayaCloth that comes with Maya Unlimited? If thats any help?


Yeah if you want the best of the best, you’d be prepared to spend that amount of money on a syflex license. Ofcourse for a company it’s less of an investment, then for someone working with it for his own entertainment.
Then again, if you have Maya Unlimited, you could do quite a lot with Maya Cloth also, syflex is faster and more stable, although with the proper knowledge and experience, Maya Cloth can be a very effective tool…


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