Syflex Silk Preset


:twisted: Hello Guys,

Anyone with preset on Silk cloth??

I have made one but having problems as the cloth is bulging out too much…Check the video to understand as in what exactly the problem…




its not really possible to share properties with the current version of syflex… because properties are dependant on solver scale, surface area, faceDensity/area and of course global damp

the best advise I can give you is in the docs…
if you want it to move silk-like the mesh will need to be dense, trying to make stiff cloth… not so dense…

basically… more detail = more bending = more wrinkles = more silk-like



Thanks Homer…trying to work around your inputs. Quick question , how to determine the length of the cloth object??




not sure what you mean by “length”… if you want the distance between 2 verts, try useing the distance tool in maya… if you want the area (more relavant) I think you can query it with

polyEvaluate -area

thats could be completly wrong, my appologies if it is… I havent used it for a few months and dont have maya here.

this was covered in a previous thread… try searching…

good luck

edit: read this…


Thanks once again Homer. I know you have been putting time and replying to my queries. Thanks a lot.

I am sure you must have gone through the docs of sylfex and they have a page where they have derived formulas for calculating damping, stiffness and gravity. In that they have used three fields to come to those values, one is length, time (fps), Mass which can be derived from selecting the cloth node. I know the two values for time and Mass but confuse about how to get the length…is it distance between the two vertices or total surface area of the cloth?

I hope I am successful in explaining the problem :slight_smile:

Thx once again



For the length: syflex needs to know if “1” in maya is 1 meter or 1 cm, or 1 inch.
To guess that, I use the bounding box of my character: along Y, if my character is 1.80 I guess I’m using meters (it means that 1 along Y in Maya is 1 meter). If my character measures 180, then it means my scene is defined in centimeters (1 in Maya is 1 cm).
In the formula, in the doc I use:

  • if my character is in meters, L = 1
  • if my character is in centimeters, L = 0.01 (1 Maya = 0.01 meters)

For the mass (M) I use whatever I want, it gives different values, but the simulation will be exactly the same.

For the time (T) I usually use T = 0.033 because in the timeline, 1 frame = 1/30 seconds

good luck


oh right… what kalys said…

you really threw me with “determine the length of the cloth object”…
as the length is really a solver scale variable…



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