syflex problem


hai everybody, this is frustyvmk writing to the form for the first time :bounce:

i am actually exploring maya syflex for past few days, its good but i am actually not getting the right fleel and look of the cloth ie, i am not able to fix values for the different garments like denim, cotton, silk so is there anybody who could help me in this pls. I would be very happy if they could give any values combination which they would have tried.





I think you might want to post this in the Maya forum instead.


thanks for the reply, i shall do that also but,

syflex has not given any examples on complicated things like suit or a shirt so anybody who has already any idea about making shirt in syflex could give me some procedure to start off including the mesh flow of the cloth



hai everybody

i am actuallly doing a shirt but my doubt is should i make the sleev as a seperate mesh or should i make it as one single mesh, cos if i have to give different type of cloth to the shirt and the sleev then can i select different part of the mesh and give different cloth property is it allowed in syflex or is there any procedure to fallow

let me know



You or your company has paid $2000 (or $500 for the student version) for this Maya plugin. And with the questions you are asking I have to wonder:

For someone who has shelled out this much money for a single plugin… Have you even opened up the SyFlex help files?


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