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I just got so frusterated with the Maya cloth simulator, so I desided to take a crack at Syflex. I’m trying to create a simple skirt for an anime style character. So I turn the Skirt in to cloth, add gravity & set it to zero for testing. Now here comes the issue… I select the top row of vertices on the skirt and then the mesh body of the character and got —> contrain --> pin. The only problem is my pins end up between the characters legs and smaller then they should be. For trouble shooting purposes I did the same this as described above but I used nails in stead on pins… This put the nails in the same spot, but nails are able to be scaled. This was I was able to scale the nail transform node by 2.54 and it lines up perfectly with the top of the skirt…TOO BAD I WANT TO USE PINS SO THE PINS MOVES ALONG WITH THE MESH (BREATHING, BENDING, ECT…) Please help… this is starting to drive me mad.


If I were you I would test it out on a new scene, and simple objects, then try and track whats going on in the actual scene.


try to use pin to another primitive polygons and see is that normal? if it is normal as it shud be, i think the problem shud be your collision object. was it been deformed too much? but i think there shud be no such problem in syflex3.0.
Besides, Parent the nail to your skeleton, so that the skirt can follow it.

hope these cud helps…


:buttrock: Figured it out… Thank GOD! Being from the USA I set the units in maya to inches instead of cetimeters (Who knows why we don’t use the metric system anyway especially while the rest of the world does… I guess we just can’t admit when we’re wrong). Well as soon as I turned it back everything lined up perfectly. Thanks for all of your input…


perhaps someone could expound on that a bit. I’m having the same problem (“my pins end up between the characters legs and smaller then they should be”). and I’m using meters.

I’ve been able to get by so far by putting a bunch of Nurb wire controls down on the x grid , and making a bunch of nails, and parenting the nails under them, then moving the wire controllers into place and parenting them under a torus “belt”. It’s really long and tedious because I can’t get the Pin to work.

But seriously, what is wrong?


In order to make pinning of cloth work (Syflex > Contraints > Pin), you need to go to Window > Settings Preferences > Preferences and click Settings. Make the Linear Working Units Centimeter.


Hey sabathyus,

For my fix I changed my working units in the preferences from feet to cenimeters. I don’t have maya open, but I beleive it’s in Display --> Setting & Prefs --> Display??? ( This is were you have any of the pref catagorys on the left and the actual setting on the right…I’m not sure on the exact location, but I do remember it was one of the roots on the list of settings, as it’s in a hieracrhy. I think you were also able to change the frame rate in this area as well.) In your case, from there it’s just a matter of changing the unit setting from Meters to Cenimeters.

Hope this helps.

  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you’re saying about the settng, but that’s not the issue. I am working in meters because… that’s what the scene requires. My character is 2 meters high or 2 grids high. So how do I remain working in meters yet get the constraints to be where they need to be? Anyone have a clue?

  2. And for that matter does anyone have problems using the Pin constraint? It seems that 95% of the time it won’t work or I get an error:

// Error: select a pin and vertices of a cloth
I pick the verticies on a cloth, then the torus, then push the Pin button. And I get nothing or an error. ??? I’m wondering if this machine hates me or something…
3)And I’ve never been able to get the Relationship editor up.


I’d still try it anyway to see if that works… I’d also look into this thread…

They seem to be having the same issue.

Derbyqsalano seems to be they guy to talk to, as he said…

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pin constraints: it works only when the shape is directly connected to the syCloth node (view connections in the hypergraph). Ex: if u delete a face on the final cloth: it adds a node after syCloth, the create pin doesn’t work anymore (probably because the vertexes are not the same as on the original cloth).
I always create pins (and nails) before modifying the cloth.


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