syflex mimic constraint


hi, i got some problems with quite detailed cloth collisions and i thought i could solve it by manually model cloth position at problem spots in animation and then use mimic constrain to match that shape at specific time. but i couldnt get it work properly even in most simple cases. to be specific, i can create mimic constrain but then syflex tries to match that shape right from the first frame and i havent found any way how to control it in any meaningful way. do i make something wrong or i just misunderstood purpose of this constraint? manual is brief and does not explain how to use this. thanks for any useful info.


Hi cryptosporidium,

As far as I could understand your issue here, mimic will not work in the manner that you are contemplating. A simple and faster work around, would be to save the tweaked mesh, as a cache file, for that specific frame(s). And finally blend in with the rest.

Hope this answers you problem.


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