syflex and meters


Hello all

I need to use syflex on scenes done with maya units set to “meters”.
When i tryed running Syflex, its Pins and Nails go wild and the meshe explode.

I use Syflex V3 with Maya 5.1

any one can help?


Look in the Docs. under ‘Appendix —> Values - Examples’
Or try the ‘presets’…



In my experience, it’s better to keep default Maya units (centimeters ?).



When the settings are in meters, the simulation goes wild and vertex fly all over the scene.
Its not a question of changing parameters, Pins and Nails just dont work propaly.

You are wellcome to try.


Hi Pixel123

Have you got a file you can post?
Maybe some more detailed settings would help also :slight_smile:



The reason of your errors is probably due to wrong values in gravity and mass density. I’ve wrote a tutorial that covers these calculations a bit further then the docs. I’ve had many scenes in meters work correctly, so there shouldn’t be a problem.


You guys dont get,

Its not an issue of setting parameters.

Pins and Nails just dont work , and it happens with all 4 syflex computers we have.


Nail parameters posted in this thread(works in M6 at least):



TX, I will try recreating the scene.
Syflex support claim theres a problem in Maya 5 that might be fixed in Maya 6.0

for now, we work in centemeters…


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