Luxury car inspired by Syd Mead.


first entry, which i like in this challenge :thumbsup:


This is from Syd Mead?Or not?
Just kidding!It hits the point of his sketches!Looks really like an originally artwork of him!
Good luck for the competition!


I liked the mood very much. This is my favorite 3d piece in this competition now.


cool, u got the syd mead style of render… :wink:


The environment is not, but the car is one of my favorite at the moment :slight_smile:
great design


The best so far! Looks like a winner :beer:


me like it


very good! me like it :drool:


very good! me like it :wavey:


interesting concept! me like it:)


Thank You Guys, I really appreciate that You like it!


Here is a wireframe


beautiful design and render…the car is eye catching and I love the tone. Beautiful.


really good image
maybe the background must be modern - Syd uses modern environments


Dont worry about the house in the background.I hope,this kind of houses are in the future too…


I like this one as well. It looks like you really researched on Syd’s designs. This seems the closest, so far.


This is really beautiful! I love the vehicle design and the wood detail. Congratulations and good luck!


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