Swtich to Maya from Max ??


Hi Guys,
I am a 3ds Max professional since last 2 years and a character animator and i love to do character studio. i’ve been working on few international tv shows.
But ther are few good projects that are going around are happening in Maya and i’d love to animate them. I have a basic knowledge of maya and am not comfortable with its character setup and animation.
Should i drop my job sometime and learn maya too or shall i just rely on max and continue working whatever i get ?
Is it easy to switch or does it take time ?? Workin on a new package and that too on bone system makes me think it again and again.
Tell me what do you guys think…


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Don’t leave your job. Download Maya PLE and learn it in your free time. You can also get Tutorial DVDs for Maya, which should speed things up a bit.

Don’t replace MAX, just add Maya to your toolbox.


agreed. if you rely on CS alot in max, you may find it difficult transitioning to ‘manual’ animation in maya. You might want to explore Alias/Kaydara motionbuilder if you have the chance. I can’t remember if they still have that really cheap ‘non-studio’ licence.


my story…
shifted from max to maya ( cos the studio used maya when i changed my job )… it took me less than two weeks to feel comfy with it… i simply love the viewport navigation…though you’ll come across n number of things you will find annoying…things like pivot, grouping… but it’ll be a matter of time…

and for whatever reason dont quit a seasoned job just to learn another package…any time spent out of a production studio is experience lost…you can always learn it on the job aswell…besides if you got the animation sense right and going its a matter of very little time and you’ll be rocking. i suggest you start off with the Generi rig - by Mr. Andrew Silke. That’s a blessing from above. feel free to drop by here if you need some help to start off with.


GO FOR IT, in your free time, the is nothing to loose, and maya profit willl be great


Hi ppl, thanx for giving those handy tips. ill definetly start practising on it.
Well, can u guys let me know if i can get some rigged maya models somewhere so that and i can start with the animation practise.
Thanx again… i hope it isint much different to animate in it.


You can start practicing animatig using this rig model: http://www.andrewsilke.com/generi_rig/generi_rig_v1.1.zip


Thanx for the help ??? but that link seems to be dead… can u please make it right ???


works fine… http://www.andrewsilke.com/generi_rig/generi_rig_v1.1.zip


I started with 3ds max a long time ago… and have recently started using Maya. I love it, it’s a great, powerful program. I didnt like going through the online docs, so I went and bought… “Maya for Windows & Macintosh (Visual Quickstart Guide)” by Danny Riddell. Brief, concise instructions… find what your looking for quick and learn fast that way. but seeing as how you’ve had alot of proffessional experience already, I think you’ll learn it quick anyway… good luck with it :scream:


Hey… thanx for that inspiration, ill definetly follow that. The visual start guide seems to be a good stuff to go on with.
I’d be great to get some video tutorials, the teach fast and make things understand well… is ther any site providing that ?
Thanx again…


while videos can be enticing…i personally believe and suggest that the quickest way to learn something is throw yourself at it…if you get stuck somewhere ask ur peers or CGTalk…

if you do character animation…maya is pretty straight forward…WYSIWYG…
the graph editor is another handy tool to keep it open always while animating…i keep it docked in one of the viewports always…
a richard william book beside you would be very handy…
my 2 paises again…


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