Swordsman, Young Min, Kim (2D)


Title: Swordsman
Name: Young Min, Kim
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop

my new work “swordsmen”
This illustration was drawn by photoshop in a game company 4 years ago.
The thing that I tried to describe in this work is a detail skin of face and hands.
have a nice day~ ^0^



That rocks! Love the metal work on the sword!


Dude… This picture Rocks! :eek: Amazing details


That’s some mind-boggling details you created, great great image.


Holy crap, thats ace!
I love the balance of light and dark, as well as the intensity of his facial expression. Superb skin work, even if his fingers seem a little too wrinkly.

Best thing ive seen all day!



very intensive look, I like it a lot! Great textures in the skin and in the sword. Good job :thumbsup:


Incredible! :applause: Textures are amazing!


Absolutely amazing 5 stars


WOW~I like this picturevery nice textures~good job ~~~****4starsssss from me ~~~~~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


wow! :scream:

Amazing details! :applause:

5* :slight_smile:


nice work! 5*


Great work! I like it, fantastic render :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Amazing work! 5 stars from me.:smiley:


This picture is so amazing.I love the details and this metal of the sword.
But I there´s also one thing I don´t like,which is the nose.It looks a bit unreal,I think.
Anyway,I love this picture.


Very intense image! Really like the detail of hands and face. Great job.:slight_smile:


wonderfuly done…im enjoying it…:).


:buttrock: 5*


It´s simply a piece of art. I´d criticized little tiny things, but the overall is so stunning that… who cares. It´s amazing!


WOW! Very nice work! :bounce: :bounce:


Excellent work - dynamic pose. Love the detailing on the hands and sword.


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