switching from passive to active?



I’m trying to set up a simple dynamics scene. I’ve got a ground and 2 cubes, I’ve set the ground and cube1 to be Passive RB and cube2 to be Active RB. I’m dropping cube2 onto cube1 from different heights.

I remember seeing somewhere (ages ago) some way to setting cube1 to be passive until a certain force hits it and then it becomes active. Simulating that its a shelf or something solid that is attached to a wall, one which could take a small weight but not a large one.

I’ve googled around and can’t seem to find anything on the subject. Other than just keying the active channel, but this isn’t usefull in a simulation.

I’ve tried using springs and Nails but neither of these has a breaking threshold (plus spring bounces around all over the place).

can’t anybody help me out or at least point me in the right direction?



Hey Harrad,

You can try these two options:

  1. Key the “ignore” attribute on the shelf object

  2. use active/passive keys

Hope that helps,



if its simple objects, try ncloth (set to act like rigids), and use constraints with glue strength…

like this :slight_smile:


Unfortunately i’m doing this in maya 2008 and so dont have nCloth… just the standard dynamics and constraints.

I remember seeing it done with expressions, where you test the speed or the collision and the first frame the object is hit it makes it active.



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