Switched to 2018; edgeloops are added automatically when scaling edgeloops?


Recently I switched to 2018 maya and while modelling as well as checking models from people I work with I came across this thing, not sure what to call it, and it is really bugging me.

Basically if I have an object and an edge loop is not completely vertical or horizontal, if I select the loop and scale it straight on either axis then a new edge loop is added automatically on the position of the old one. This is however something I don’t like seeing and would rather Maya not do this for me, sometimes I just straighten things out for ‘reasons’ but then have to remove this extra loop cause it makes a mess of my model.

How do I turn it off and what si this even called?
I’ve tried removing the preferences, but it isn’t affected by it so it has to be something inside maya; a function, tool option whatever that is causing this/

I don’t remember this being in 2017.


Check the settings on the Scale tool, there’s a new option called ‘Smart Duplicate’ that’s now enabled by default (terrible decision IMO, I’ve argued about it) that’s likely the cause of this.