Switch to VFX industry


Hello everyone,

I have been working doing architectural visualizations for some years, and I was thinking to switch to VFX movies.
Are there any roles more demanded than others? Lets say compositor, FX TD…
How is the industry for VFX artists? Reading in internet you find terrible things

Thank you!


I think it really depends what you want to do. There is always room for very good specialized people.
If you are talking about headcount per department, compositing (my area of expertise), it is always needed quite a few people. But it depends on the project as well. Some projects demand more of a type of professional than others. Full cg or heavily VFX driven films have different needs than let’s say a movie which needs more set extensions. My 2 cents is, focus on something you find interesting and be good at that.


Techical roles like FX TDs are always in demand.
But you have to be ‘technical’ (as well as artistic) and be prepared to embrace Houdini these days.

Rigging, Pipeline TD, are other technical roles.

If you are awesome at what you choose then you can find work in any role in the pipeline.
Also what city you live in (or are prepared to move to) can be a big factor for VFX in general.