Switch to PC?


Yeah, I saw that card. 16 GB or vram (!), great performance, $700.

If Otoy ever finishes porting Octane to Mac using Metal instead of showing off slides in powerpoint of it running on Macs and iPhones, I’ll be in heaven.

As cool as that card is - we’d also have to hope Apple supports it in eGPUs. Who knows if/when that will ever happen. My AMD based eGPU really works smoothly - plug and play, no issues. I don’t want to hack any part of my setup, either.


What renderer do you use alongside your AMD Egpu? Pro Render?


Yup! Just fooling with it at these stages as I continue to learn. Not super happy with the speed (certainly better than the RX 580 in my iMac), but I’m hoping for a 20.5 proRender bump early this year, like they did for R19 last year.

The 2018 C4d update brought Apple metal support support and a 10-20% boost in speed. I’m hoping Maxon adds the AMD de-noising tech that is already out for the other ProRender releases. It needs it.

Honestly, I’m super close to installing windows on my iMac and using U-Render, the open-GL based C4D render engine, with my eGPU for extra oomph, and just leaving ray tracing behind.


Noise is something you can choose to have or avoid for the sake of $50. Silent cases are available and much quieter fans can be fitted, its pretty much a $50 difference in parts. Heat, there’s no difference. A mac and pc can use the same components, A 130 watt 18 core cpu on one platform is the same on the other. A 300 watt gpu on one platform is the same as the other. Plus if youre considering external gpu cases. These will make much more noise any a reasonably configured machine.


Sure but…I just don’t want to bother. This is (was) the beauty of apple computers and the reason why lots of pros agree to pay a higher price. These machines are elegantly built and work, with a longer life span than that of a PC.
Nick’s low cine bench scores were apparently caused by a driver problem. This is typically what I don’t want to tinker with.


re:noise. Buy a cheap machine, get a cheap machine. Buy a quiet machine, get a quiet machine. Not sure how lack of choice is the superior choice.

Anything to back up the claim they last longer? Just asking from a guy who had 2 iphones die due to exploding batteries, gone through 3 flimsy apple-made iphone cases before giving in on their 4 month life cycle, 4 iphone charging cables over the same time, 3 mbp power adapters with frayed cables. a mbp died from an exploded battery, a retina mbp died from overheating, a 30" cinema screen filled with dead pixels and 2 cheesegrater mac pros which shorted out 6 mechanical harddrives between them. But yeah, they totally last longer. cough

re: Drivers: Updating a graphics driver for better performance vs having to download cuda libs and hack drivers to get an external card working, not sure how the latter on a mac is a better experience.


We all have different hardware experiences. I’m in the same boat as imashination - two MBPs, both lemons with exotic hardware issues that rendered them unusable, both had logic boards replaced only to have exact same symptoms reappear in days. MacPro cheesegrater no longer boots. Windows boxes chugging away.

We work on computers every day; we should probably be able to get our hands a little dirty with drivers and cables and such - just as its good for the average vehicle owner to know how to change a tire, get a jump, and even change the oil.


Sorry I created this thread to better understand what the perspectives on Mac are rendering wise. PC’s are great machines so I’m not discussing what platform is better although the current state of Mac machines and software environnement directs to PC’s and Nvidia cards.
I have been a Mac user for 20 years after using PC’s for a decade. My personal experience is that Mac simply work better with less or easier maintenance.
My 2009 cheese grater is still up and running. My G4 last almost as long with just a graphics card replacement (ATI). That’s my personal story. I don’t try to convince anybody and respect other people’s choice. My take out of this thread is that GPU rendering will still very much stay a Cuda thing, at least for another year or so.


My 2007 white, plastic body, intel Macbook has been rendering
movie frames for the last five years with a reboot every few days to
make me “feel” Ive truly cleared the ram.

It survived two pre explosion “battery swellings” that I managed to
notice and remove before catastrophe.
I no longer bother replacing it and just run it of the AC power adapter
as it never leaves the house.

I had a heavy object drop onto the track pad and kill it off
I still use it for my old Non cloud adobe CS suite also.
I have it attached to a samsung 26 inch synchmaster NC240 monitor.

So indeed longevity varies from user to user.

I have two windows PC’s for my Character animation work.


Hey Mash. Just throwing my experience in there for no other reason than to argue, cause afterall, this is what forums are for :slight_smile:

I have a 24" Apple display monitor that I bought in 2003. Still works great, Color and brightness is good. No dead pixels. When I bought it the expectation was that it would last about 5 years.

My 2008 macpro is also still chugging away fine.

Been using iphones since they came out and never had a problem with one.

I love my macpro trashcan and the mac osx ecxperience. Its pretty robust for most jobs. Its just the eGPU thing that was the dealbreaker for me since moving to Windows. Im not going to get into all the analogies people use (fancy car vs jalopy with a powerful engine, etc) to describe the experience of Mac to PC, but I will say the ONLY thing I am enjoying so far about the PC experience happens inside of C4D. :slight_smile:


Well the most productive part of your work should be occuring
inside your actual 3DCC programs.

I spend very little time using Microsoft windows the OS per say
in fact if I am not using an actual program like Iclone pro
or some other windows only application I do not even sit in
front of my computers

The underlying OS should not be a factor except that when it is
is running on hardware that is limiting your rendering options
and that is where we are today with the Mac OS.


The lack of something like Quicklook is the #1 thing that makes Windows a frustrating experience for me. I know there are OS level apps and plugins that do similar things, but it is not a seamless built-in thing, and they don’t support very many file types.

And column view in the finder. There are so many more clicks necessary on Windows.

Is there a global recent folders thing on Windows? That’s another I miss from MacOS. I can navigate to any recent folder from anywhere in the OS or in any app on a Mac. So far, I can’t see a way to mimic that in Windows.

But man oh man…Once I’m in C4D, Substance Painter, Zbrush, or 3DCoat just to name a few, there’s NO COMPARISON. The PC wins. But I will remain frustrated at the OS. ha


quicklook on the MS app store is free, has done the best job so far.


Its all the little extra add ons such as this, that 've taken for granted within macos. Spotlight can find 5000 unneeded rgb frames on a drive in a few seconds. Seeing my folders mixed with files in a list by date, taking a click and drag screenshot. . Having to update the driver to my usb port. (whaa?) Or plug in a thing into my USB just to get wifi cause its not built in, I just keep scrunching my face and asking myself "really? (and a few expletives here and there) .

I know I whine, :slight_smile: Im just an old dog trying to learn a new trick. I’ll get there though…


imashination: Yeah that’s the one I’ve got installed. It’s pretty limited, but helps a bit. It does not work over open/import etc. windows which is where it is most useful for me.


To those of you who may be looking for a better way to get to either recent files or to be able to create a list of your most-used folders (that will work in any program’s file requester/dialog box, check out Listary.

A middle mouse button will bring up your folders.


RTX 2080ti is very, very fast guys.


I remember reading somewhere that Redshift was working on porting their renderer to metal. Is there any official communication from them on the subject? Any development roadmap?


Wasn’t that Otoy talking about porting Octane to Metal?


This is the very first I’ve heard of RS porting to Metal. Do you have a source for that info? Don’t mean to put you on the spot. I just want to read it.

RS is SOOO dependent on Nvidia/CUDA, and for good reason.