swirling scratches around hilights, a k a spiderwebbing


right, so been trying to reproduce a plastic scratched material. found this tutorial which seemed great:

everything works fine, except, how do you get the scratches to twirl round the hilight like they do on say a buffed car or yeah, like in the tutorial. been searching allover the place, can’t find anything useful, the tutorial just says voila, it works… it doesn’t. the guy who made the tutorial obviously got it working fine somehow so what amI doing wrong. mine just looks like normal normal map applied to any object, not swirly.

any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks!



made the normal map with the photoshop filter. needed it’s green channel inverted.
works perfectly now.



Three years later … thanks much, samel! So I am having the same problem when trying to follow Viscorbel’s tutorial … my results are also how you’re describing them, and not looking like Viscorbel’s. I haven’t learned the details of the red, green, blue channels when generating normal maps in photoshop. Thanks for the insight to look in this direction!


This, so far, hasn’t helped me : / Can’t get my swirls to be in a circle like viscorbel’s : /