Swift3D-LW Effector Tutorial is now up!


Swift3D-LW version does not yet support Clip Maps.
That’s why I had to come up with some other method for a workaround.
And here it is.

Here’s the link to the tutorial:

And here’s the link to the scene/objects file:

Now, you don’t see the vines showing out the backside of the Book Cover anymore.
This is before using an Effector:

And this is with using an Effector:

Hope you get something out of this?

And feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
And anyone interested in viewing the thread that brought this on?
Just click on this link bellow:

…md :slight_smile:


As an alternative couldn’t the vines be controlled with a clip map that kept them from being visible where you didn’t want them to show?

I really like the effect of the vines coming through the book!

I think your solution is cool, but just wanted to mention that there might be other ways to do this too.


Okay, I see on the thread that you linked something about not using clip maps… because they don’t work? I’ve used them successfully before… must attack modeler and layout to see what is up with clip maps and these files…!


Maybe I should of made this thread more clear, but oh well :slight_smile:
Swift3D-LW version does not yet support Clip maps.
That’s why I had to come up with some other method for a workaround.
I’ll re-edit that post to reflect this, so others won’t be confused.
I also tried transparency maps too, with the same nonresults as trying to use a clip map.

Sorry for any confusion.
Sometimes it’s very easy to miss just one sentance that could of
cleared things up better for the viewer, but things happen :slight_smile:

…md :slight_smile:


Ah, Swift3D… I think I sorta glossed over that part when I hopped into this thread. One of these days I will read first, type later… sigh.

I still think your vines are way nifty and I’m darn happy I wandered through here to see those and your tutorial, I’m likely to do things with those concepts in the not too distant future.


Mark very cool. That aspect has ticked me off as I have had to use rastered animations in Flash for clipmap effects, thus greatly increasing file size. I am doing one now as a matter of fact…you couldn’t have picked a better time to share!


Thanx guys, and Orkman, you might want to email eRain, just as I have
suggested to them to add that feature to the next version of the Swift LW version.

I think the more who request it, the more likely it’ll be added in there.
This thing here is a nice little workaround, but for loads of other uses,
it just plain would not work. It worked out fine for this one, because things are flat.
And straight pole shaped objects (vines) which made it easy.
If they had been some more complicated shape, you’d be screwed.

Anyway, glad you all are liking this one.
I put some time into it trying to make it understandable and helpfull.
In fact, I just now re-edited the tutorial a bit, to help clear things up.
Thanx for bringing this first bit of confusion up, because I was able to go back and
make it more coherant, as I could see as it needed a bit better clarification.
So thanx! :slight_smile:

…md :slight_smile:
P.S. And everyone, feel free to post questions and comments in the
eRain Swift3D-LW forum, as I check in there everyday usually a few times a day.


Yeah I don’t even know if eRain will do a LW 3 version. Version 2 has been the same for years now. They keep upgrading the standalone, but I doubt that a LW 3 will come out anytime soon.

It would be nice for NewTek to incorporate a vector output with 9. crosses fingers :buttrock:


Does Swift3D play with hypervoxels correctly [most notably surfaces, not volumes]?


SirReality, not yet, but I KEEP pushing it, and HOPE that others will too.
Appearently, lots of people have been asking for this feature, so I hope, if??? enough
people KEEEP the presure on, they’ll add that in.
That and the Clip and Trans mapping, are the MAIN things that I want put in.

I just need people to KEEP on putting on the pressure, and maybe it’ll happen?
They “DO” listen over there, and very much so.

…md :slight_smile:
And please, anyone who is interested, come on over to the Swift LW forum and ask
questions or show your work or whatever, as I’m there every day, sometime during the day.
Always ready and willing to help :slight_smile:


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